BOB Katter has launched a new music video as part of his Katter's Australian Party federal election campaign.

The light-hearted dance video - set to an original country music score - was the winner of a national crowdsourcing competition and will be featured on television and online.

It was created by 23-year-old videographer Katelin Hasankamp and choreographer Margaret Bell, both of Jensen in north Queensland.

The video is the latest part of a growing online presence for the Man in the Hat, who often holds his own Question Time with constituents on Twitter during the formal QT in Canberra.

Mr Katter said from the vision entered in the competition, some entrants had "intellect content that is placed well ahead of nearly 250 Members of Parliament".

Ms Hasankamp said the video took two days to film and three to edit, but was worth the effort.

"Bob is a voice for the small people and this was a great opportunity to use my skills and have a bit of fun at the same time," she said.

Mr Katter said the video had style and class and "it's got the homeland".