Jeremy Smith pleaded guilty in Maroochydore District Court today.
Jeremy Smith pleaded guilty in Maroochydore District Court today.

‘You got me': Man caught red-handed in alcohol-fuelled theft

A man who decided to rob his acquaintance's neighbour during an alcohol-fuelled night has pleaded guilty to burglary, a court has heard.

Crown Prosecutor Alex Stark told Maroochydore District Court police had caught Jeremy Lloyd Smith and his acquaintance with a backpack full of DVDs, telling officers: "You got me".

"Police effectively caught them red-handed," Mr Stark said. "This defendant was carrying a backpack containing DVDs and told them: 'You got me' and was arrested."

Smith, 40, pleaded guilty to armed burglary and stealing via video link in the Maroochydore District Court on July 10.

Mr Stark told the court Smith and a co-accused, Anthony Peterson, had the idea to rob a man who lived in Peterson's complex in Caloundra after drinking alcohol at 9.15pm on August 29, 2019.

The court heard the victim, who was a 48-year-old pensioner, was asleep at the time.

"He was woken by the defendants banging on the door and the door flung open," Mr Stark said.

The court heard Peterson allegedly told Smith to throw a chair at the victim, which he did.

The chair hit the victim in the arm and head and caused minor injuries.

"The complainant fled, not surprisingly. Peterson (allegedly) yelled out to punch or grab him but he successfully fled and phoned emergency services," Mr Stark said.

The court heard Smith and Peterson then stole DVDs, a gaming console, and a tattoo gun from the victim's unit before the pair was arrested.

Smith's lawyer Mark Dixon said Smith was planning to get help for his alcohol issues once released.

"The circumstances of the offence were that he was so intoxicated and couldn't be interviewed afterwards," he said.

"He indicates to me he consumed a number of beers, several bottles of wine and a significant quantity of bourbon where they then came up with the idea to pay the complainant a visit.

"I take from the schedule of facts that my client was foolishly in my submission following instructions from the co-accused."

Mr Dixon told the court Smith was remorseful for his actions and had been working hard in custody to turn his life around.

The court heard Smith had a 12-year-old son and his son residing in Sydney with his ex-partner.

Judge Glen Cash said if he didn't manage to "stay away from the drink," he would end back up in jail.

"You obviously have an alcohol problem, you know that," he said.

"Yes I do, I want to do whatever it takes to rectify that. I've got little goals," Smith said.

"I'm going to try to get some sort of work, whether it be shovelling s---, excuse my French or whatever it is, I am just going to bust my b---- to get it done."

Mr Cash jailed Smith for two-and-a-half years, with an immediate parole release date.

This took into account the 316 days Smith had spent in custody.

Mr Smith was visibly ecstatic when he was told this meant he would be released from jail.