The woman's brutal arrest was caught on camera. Picture: ABC News
The woman's brutal arrest was caught on camera. Picture: ABC News

‘You dislocated my arm’: Woman’s brutal arrest

NSW Police has found itself embroiled in yet another confronting arrest video, days after highway patrol officers were accused of "serious misconduct".

The video, taken on November 2, 2016, showed two police officers removing the woman's number plates after finding her vehicle was unregistered.

"We're going to warn you again. If you swear once more, you will be arrested," one of the officers tells the woman.

"Why don't you go and pick up ice dealers and paedophiles?" the woman leans down and tells the officer removing her plates, before claiming she was unaware her vehicle was unregistered.

"That's not our job," the officer replies, warning her again to stop swearing.

As the officers finalise their conversation with the woman, she shuts the boot before heading back to the driver's side.

The police car's dashcam footage, obtained by the ABC, shows one of the officers walking back to the car before grabbing the woman and slamming her against the window.

"I told you again, if you swore again you'd be arrested," he tells her.

As she struggles and tells him "I haven't done anything wrong", the arrest becomes more violent.

"You've dislocated my arm," she screams. "My arm's dislocated".

"Well stop resisting," the police officer replies.

"Are you for real? You just bashed my head against a f***ing window," she screams.

"My arm's been dislocated. Look at my f***ing arm.

"It's hurting me … please take it off I've done nothing wrong … you just smashed my head."



The woman's brutal arrest was caught on camera. Picture: ABC News
The woman's brutal arrest was caught on camera. Picture: ABC News

The woman complained about her arrest to the Law Enforcement Complaints Commission (LECC) last year.

The internal investigation, done by NSW Police, found the woman's complaints of "unnecessary arrest powers" were "not sustained".

Later, the LECC investigation found the highway patrol officer had in fact used excessive force against the woman and engaged in serious misconduct.

It also found the officer running the internal investigation had engaged in serious misconduct after showing "reckless indifference" to the outcome.

The confronting video is the second NSW Police arrest video to land in the spotlight this week.

Two cops, conducting a traffic stop in western Sydney earlier this year, were dubbed "unfit for purpose" as police officers after an LECC investigation.

The LECC found both officers engaged in "serious misconduct" and should be considered for disciplinary action, having breached sections of the Police Act, the NSW Police Code of Conduct and the Law Enforcement Act.

Footage of the incident, recorded by body-worn and in-car videos, showed Senior Constable Andrew Murphy and another senior constable berating a 24-year-old P-plate driver and her stepmother after pulling them over in Parramatta on April 20.

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The video showing the arrest.
The video showing the arrest.


Senior Constable Murphy, identified as "Officer 1" in the report, tells the driver she is the "most stupidest person I've ever met as a driver of a motor vehicle".

"We're in pursuit with you because you would not stop … you've lost your licence," he says.

The driver, a student from the Muslim Afghan expatriate community who has no criminal history, replies, "I'm sorry … I'm sorry. I didn't actually know. I wasn't sure."

Senior Constable Murphy says the older female passenger wasn't wearing a seatbelt when they drove past and the driver's P-plates aren't correctly displayed. He demands they produce identification but is told the older woman came from overseas and is on a temporary visa.

"We're taking her back to jail anyway," he says. "Where's your bag? Where's her wallet? I don't care where your home is, at this stage you're under arrest for driving in a negligent manner. Do you understand that? Hop out of the car. Whack the cuffs on her."

The two women appear confused at times and the driver questions what is happening.

"Don't argue with me love or you'll be going back in the paddy wagon as accessory to bloody murder," Senior Constable Murphy says.

The driver says to the second officer, "I swear to God that I didn't know where to stop", to which he replies, "Well what's your religion? OK, swear to Allah." She responds, "I swear to Allah, I didn't know."

In the last seconds of the video, Senior Constable Murphy unleashes again with threats of prison. "Don't you get aggro or you'll be in the back of a divvy (divisional van) going back to the jail," he tells the driver. "Don't take advantage of our system."

Senior Constable Murphy issued the driver with five traffic infringement notices for negligent driving, not giving a left turn signal when exiting a roundabout, driving with an unrestrained passenger, not obeying a police direction and not complying with the conditions of her licence.