IT took just three days to raise the funds to replace Ashlea Paton's stolen trike.

It's "ready red" just like the old one and with her independence restored, the look on her face says it all.

"You can't stop me."

She's ridden it to her day program where she plays drums in the Red Hots band and down the road to feed the neighbourhood chooks.

The outgoing 27-year-old was devastated when her trike was taken from the Momentum Collective supported living villas on Hill St.

She is well known around town waving and chatting as she rides along, and the community was quick to come on board when a GoFundMe campaign was launched.

The Advocate covered the story and shared a link to the fundraising campaign with the goal of reaching $1,100 and soon the funds were flowing in.

A particularly generous donation of $500 came from Dr Stuart Mann.

"You have fun and bring joy to people's lives when you are enjoying your trike, so don't let the nasty people stop you... hope you enjoy your new bike Ashlea," wrote Dr Mann.

Brendan Blake was on duty at the Momentum Collective villas when the trike was stolen on the evening of June 24. He was coming back from getting takeaway for himself and another staff member when he saw it being ridden off. He drove around the streets for almost two hours looking for it.

"Seeing her riding her new bike makes me really happy - it's really good to see. It's a huge part of her independence," Brendan said.

"She rides it every day if it's not raining."