You told us which shops you want to see open on the Coffs Coast. Here's what they said.
You told us which shops you want to see open on the Coffs Coast. Here's what they said.

You asked these businesses to come, we asked if they would

FROM our beaches to our rolling mountain vistas, there's no denying that there are countless perks when it come to living in Coffs. But if you ask our online readers - there's a lot to left be desired when it comes to big-name retailers.

The Advocate asked readers on Facebook which businesses they wanted to see open on the Coffs Coast, and now we've put the question to the stores nominated: will you come to Coffs?

Here's what they said.


Photo: AP/Matt Rourke
Photo: AP/Matt Rourke


The Facebook post received more than 600 comments, and Swedish furniture giant IKEA was the obvious frontrunner.

"Definitely IKEA as it would open up more job opportunities," said Natalie Ryom.

"IKEA would have been a perfect fit for the old Bunnings site," said Luke Graham.

"I was really hoping for an IKEA in the old Masters building. Coffs seems a good location for it. People within a 3 hour radius would travel for it," wrote Ashley West.

We asked IKEA the ambitious question of whether they would open in Coffs, but received an underwhelming response.

"IKEA is always exploring opportunities to expand and be more accessible to more people, however we do not currently have plans to open a store in the Coffs Coast region," an IKEA spokesperson said.

IKEA currently operates ten stores across the country.


Photo: Getty Images
Photo: Getty Images


If there's one thing that appears to draw the envy of Coffs locals when visiting a major city it's the readily available supply of Krispy Kreme doughnuts, whether it's from a factory store or a 7-Eleven.

Krispy Kreme, which operates more than 30 stores around the country, was the next most requested business from our readers.

"How is this even a question, we all know the answer is Krispy Kreme," wrote Megan Humphries.

"Krispy Kreme please omg or just a 7-Eleven," wrote Sarah Scott.

But, again, it was an underwhelming response.

"Although we would love to bring Krispy Kreme to Coffs Harbour, there are no current plans for a store to open in the area," a Krispy Kreme spokesperson said.

"We appreciate the love for Krispy Kreme in Coffs Harbour."

Photo: Supplied
Photo: Supplied


While Krispy Kreme have confirmed they will not be setting up shop in Coffs anytime soon, 7-Eleven, who also supply the doughnuts, returned a slightly more hopeful response.

A spokesperson for 7-Eleven said the international convenience store chain opens 30 new stores a year in Australia, and are looking to start operating in more locations in regional NSW.

"While we are actively looking to expand our presence in regional NSW, we have no immediate plans to open a store in the Coffs Coast region," they said.

There are almost a massive 700 7-Eleven convenience stores around Australia.

Photo: News Limited
Photo: News Limited


Flame-grilled peri-peri chicken is almost a delicacy in these parts. But in good news the PR team from South African restaurant chain Nando's didn't shut down the idea of opening a restaurant in the area.

A spokesperson from the PR team said they will have the business development team look into opportunities in Coffs Harbour.

"It's great to hear the locals want to see Nando's in the Coffs Coast region," they said.

"You never know what the future holds."

There are around 200 Nando's restaurants currently operating in Australia.

Photo: Supplied
Photo: Supplied


Australian burger chain Grill'd operates more than 100 restaurants across the country, and after hearing Coffs Coast locals are fans, they too did not shut down the idea of opening up in the area.

"Stoked to hear we have so many fans in the Coffs Coast region," a spokesperson said.

"We never say never when it comes to new locations."

Photo: Jasper Juinen
Photo: Jasper Juinen


It's not just food outlets that are highly in demand in Coffs Harbour. UK vegan cosmetics chain Lush also received a healthy amount of mentions on our Facebook post.

The company, which offers handmade and animal cruelty free products, currently operates 35 stores around the country.

The PR team from Lush told The Advocate they'd pass on the request to the Property team.

"It's lovely to hear the Coffs Coast region are big fans of Lush," they said.

"We are not aware of any current plans to open a store in this region in the near future. However, we have passed on this information to our Property team for their future consideration."


Responses from other businesses have not yet been received.