Longman MP Wyatt Roy
Longman MP Wyatt Roy

Wyatt Roy would defy the PM, cross floor on gay marriage

AUSTRALIA'S youngest ever MP says he would defy Prime Minister Tony Abbott and a Coalition party room vote to support a bill that would allow same-sex marriage.


In a wide ranging interview with the Longman MP, Roy told Buzzfeed News that he would feel "quite comfortable" to cross the floor if the current bill went to a vote in Parliament.

The 25-year-old old, however, is confident that the vote won't go ahead.

Nevertheless, his statement follows a massive six-hour Coalition meeting in which Mr Abbott threatened to punish any MPs who advocated for marriage equality.

Mr Roy said it was something that "Parliament can deal with", rather than having it be put to a vote or referendum.

"I'm from a very socially conservative Queensland electorate but I told my constituents when I was first elected, I'm for same sex marriage and nothing will change that," he said.