Worst mass shooting in US history leads to zero gun reforms

UNDETERRED by the worst mass shooting by a single person in US history, Republicans and Democrats have been unable to agree on a bill to stop gun sales to people on terrorism watch-lists.

The bill was among four gun-control measures that failed to pass the US Senate eight days after the death of 49 innocents in last week's massacre at a gay nightclub in Florida.

Under the two Democrat bills, background checks for individual gun sales would have been expanded to include purchases at gun shows and online and there would be no gun sales to people on "no-fly" terror watch-lists.

The two Republican measures would have increased funding for the current background check system and delayed by 72 hours gun sales to people on terror watch-lists, requiring them to obtain a court order.

The Republicans said the Democrat bills denied Americans their constitutional right to bear arms, and the Democrats described the Republicans' bills as too weak.

The parties' continued failure to co-operate on gun control was slammed by the president of the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence, Dan Gross.

"Shame on every single senator who voted against these life-saving amendments and protected the rights of terrorists and other dangerous people to buy guns," he said.