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Woman in court over death threats, disturbing photos

A WOMAN forced to face the music for sending terrifying death threats and disturbing images left the courtroom swearing after being slapped with her sentence.

Natasha Leah Farrell, aged 32, appeared in Coffs Harbour Local Court yesterday where she pleaded guilty to sending the vile text messages.

On one occasion, Farrell sent expletive-ridden messages to the victim saying she was “watching” them before sending through a photo of eight hunting knives.

In another text, the court heard Farrell went so far as to threaten the victim’s elderly father, sending the same image of the knives once again.


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In court on Monday it was heard that Farrell, who was at the time on a Community Corrections Order, was wanted by police after the offences and had handed herself in.

Magistrate Ian Rodgers slammed the woman for her behaviour after she attempted to interject twice and appeared to shake her head as the magistrate was speaking.

“Ms Farrell you’re shaking your head and that raises concerns for me,” Magistrate Rodgers said.

“Clearly those messages would have caused significant distress to anyone receiving them.”

The defence argued that Farrell had a complex history, as she was placed in foster care as a child and was in an out of mental health facilities.

They said she had recently moved to Coffs Harbour to escape a physically abusive relationship.

Magistrate Rodgers sentenced Farrell to an 18 month Community Corrections Order for two charges of stalk and intimidate, saying she was “clearly in need of supervision.”

For two charges of use carriage service to harass, menace or cause offence, she was given fines totalling $1,000.

The blonde-haired Farrell could be heard swearing as she left the courtroom.