The woman was caught with MDMA.
The woman was caught with MDMA. serpeblu

How a woman tried to sneak drugs onto a plane

A MACKAY concert goer tried to sneak drugs on a flight to Brisbane by hiding the package in her bra.

But Daneeka Louise Elizabeth Grieve's plan was foiled as soon as she walked through the metal detector at the Mackay Airport on March 1 this year at 10.15am.

Mackay Magistrates Court heard the detector went off and as a result a small foil package was found stuffed in her bra.

Prosecutor Brandon Selic said Grieve told police she had bought MDMA and planned to take it to a concert she was attending.

The court heard the total weight of the drugs was 1.086 grams including the packaging.

Legal Aid solicitor Danny Yarrow said his 24-year-old client, who doesn't fly regularly, had missed her flight and had to book a new one.

She works full time and made full and frank admissions. It was considered an early and timely plea.

Grieve was placed on a $450 good behaviour bond for four months, which includes attending a drug assessment with ATODS

If Grieve completes the order a conviction will not be recorded.