CONCERNED: Ben and Meirion Roberts and Nick Ivory confronted an aggressive man and called the police to an alleged domestic violence situation.
CONCERNED: Ben and Meirion Roberts and Nick Ivory confronted an aggressive man and called the police to an alleged domestic violence situation. Mike Knott BUN100518DVIOLENCE1

Witnesses of violent attack on Bundy woman horrified

IT HAPPENED well over a week ago but the incident still makes Bundaberg man Meirion Roberts' blood boil and will continue to leave an emotional impact on him well into the future.

What was supposed to be a celebration of his son's 21st birthday turned into a night of horror after he, his son Ben and some friends were thrust full force into the scene of another family's domestic violence incident that had them reeling.

"It all started when I could hear this horrible language and abuse going on over the noise of my son's party," Mr Roberts said.

"There was screaming and carrying on... the man was saying things like 'I'm going to f----- get you..."

Mr Roberts said he couldn't take listening to the abuse any longer so called the police and, afraid of what might happen in the interim, decided to step in.

He said he left the party and made his way down the street to the residence where the altercation was taking place.

"I got into his face and told him to settle down but he just kept mouthing off," he said.

"I kept asking him 'what gives you the right to treat anyone like this?'."

Mr Roberts said he was accompanied by his son and friends to the scene and said when he saw the woman who experienced the verbal abuse, his heart sank.

"She just really didn't look well," he said.

"She was a mess and looked s--- scared."

Friend Nick Ivory was also at the scene and said the woman was a complete wreck.

"She was hysterical and kept begging us not to leave her," he said.

"She told us she was terrified." Mr Roberts said while waiting for police officers to arrive at the address, he noticed a shovel, scissors and a baseball bat in the vicinity.

"We collected them all- we didn't want him to grab them and use them," he said.

"That's when we called police the second time and multiple officers arrived."

Mr Roberts said after heated discussions between all parties, officers told them to leave the scene.

He said he was adamant stepping in on the domestic violence incident was the right thing to do.

"We were safe because there were a lot of us and we called the police," he said.

"All we cared about was making sure she was safe and fine."

Ben, said his father had always been passionate about domestic violence.

"Females being hit and abused is his biggest hate," he said.

Mr Roberts said he had always tried to instil the right values in his sons and the recent incident they all witnessed had left him "fuming".

"I've always said to my boys if you ever touch one of your partners it's not the police you have to worry about, it will be me," he said.

"No one should be treated the way that woman was treated."

Mr Roberts said he believed domestic violence against women was a major issue in the community and right now, could not see it changing for the better.

"People are scared to step in or to walk away," he said.

"The whole incident left us in such a furious mood.

"His attitude was he did nothing wrong because we apparently didn't know what had been going on between them.

"I just thought, 'what the hell could she possibly say that he thinks he is allowed to do that?'.

"Words cannot hurt if you don't let them and my message to anyone in a DV relationship would be please, just get out."