American Top Fuel drag racer Larry Dixon
American Top Fuel drag racer Larry Dixon SYDNEY LOW

Winternats streamed to the world

THE 2016 City of Ipswich Winternationals will this year reach larger audiences than before thanks to a live-streaming partnership with 400 Thunder.

The agreement also sees on-site big-screen facilities better utilised to improve the experience for fans watching live at the track.

The exciting development means that enthusiasts outside of south-eastern Queensland will be able to log on to the live-stream and watch all the Winters action, complete with full audio and tower commentary, remotely. The live-stream will catch all the action from Friday through to Sunday.

To provide drag racing fans with a taste for the weekend's action, Friday's racing will be streamed free-of-charge.

Saturday and Sunday's action can be accessed through a pay-per-view portal.

"The Winternationals is the biggest Championship Drag Racing event in Australia, and the biggest anywhere in the world outside of North America,'' said Willowbank Raceway president Tony Wedlock.

"Of course this means it's going to attract the attention of drag racing fans both locally and abroad, and this live-streaming facility means we can serve them world-class drag racing, wherever they may be."

Live-streaming Australian motorsport is not a new development. However the production quality Willowbank Raceway will be searching for at the 2016 City of Ipswich Winternationals is expected to set new standards in the way Australian drag racing is viewed, within Australia and on the world stage.

Several cameras and an extensive film crew will be responsible for piecing together the action from key vantage points along the Willowbank strip, including the start line, several positions along the track and a new camera deep in the braking area.

Fans can log on to to access the live-streaming from Friday to Sunday.