LIGHT AND DARK: Mandy McElhinney as Matron Frances Bolton.
LIGHT AND DARK: Mandy McElhinney as Matron Frances Bolton. Contributed

TV COLUMN: Love Child's 'whole' character bring quality tv

IF YOU'VE been watching Love Child lately, chances are you've also been wandering around singing Grace's version of the Lesley Gore hit You Don't Own Me.

It's one of those empowering girl anthems that gets stuck in your head for days on end, and that's okay because it's good.

Really good, in fact. So is the TV show Love Child, which has used the song in promo ads with lots of lingering looks from gorgeous doctors and not-so-innocent young women.

Playmaker really know how to produce great Australian content, and it's good to see it on mainstream TV.

Currently travelling though the 1970s, Love Child has delivered "whole'' three-dimensional characters on a weekly basis.

Take Matron Frances Bolton, for instance. The Matron, played by Mandy McElhinney, has both light and dark characteristics.

Although she often presents herself as a hard-nosed, spiteful so-and-so, her character has developed to reveal she does have something of a softer side and reasons for being the way she is.

Then there is Joan Miller, the doctor breaking through the glass ceiling. I believe this character (portrayed by Jessica Marais) represents the journey women have made in the workforce, and shows there can be more to somebody than meets the eye.

And then there is Martha Tennant. Miranda Tapsell's Logie-winning performance presents to the audience a character who is both kind and strong. This is a character who picks herself up, dusts herself off and is determined to look after herself. She is an example of true spirit for today's young women.

If you haven't seen Love Child yet then switch over to Channel Nine at 8.40pm on Tuesday.