WHO changes a nappy on a cafe table?

HOW do you feel about parents changing their children's nappies at cafes?

I am sure many will remember the uproar one mother caused when she changed her baby's soiled nappy on a cafe table in Brisbane.

I remember thinking 'who does that, that is disgusting'.

While I would still never deal with my daughter's pooey nappy on a cafe table, I now think the whole debacle points to a larger problem that there are few places to change babies.

I have changed my child's nappy in the car, on grassed areas at the park and at the beach, and on park benches near playgrounds.

And it is mostly because there are not really that many clean, convenient places to change a baby in private.

The other day my friend and I were at a cafe in Nambour and she changed her son's wet nappy on an outside bench seat on the cafe deck.

She was like some kind of mumma ninja, doing it so fast I am pretty sure no other customer even noticed what was happening.

I did not notice until she told me, to be honest. He was hidden from sight by the table.

And when I got to the change facility after we finished our coffees (across the road in another complex so not that convenient) I completely understood why she changed him on the bench seat.

When a blue light goes on when you turn a light on in a loo/baby-change station, things do not bode well.

Plus the flip-down table was so old and flimsy I felt it might not hold my daughter's weight.

The whole place felt so dirty there was no way I was putting my toddler down there.

So we did it in the car.

I have changed my daughter's wet nappy once in an outdoor part of a cafe, in her pram, when she was about 12 weeks old, with the blessing of the mother's group I was meeting with. I would have wheeled her out of the cafe to change a soiled one.

I am not calling for cafe owners to provide these facilities. They have enough on their plates.

But now that I have walked a mile in my mum shoes, I understand why parents do what we have to do to make our children comfortable.

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