What's got the Coffs Coast talking this week.
What's got the Coffs Coast talking this week.

What’s got the Coffs Coast talking?

FROM the Cultural and Civic Space to plans for the airport, these stories have got the Coffs Coast talking.

Push ahead with plans or cop an extra $38m Crs warned

COFFS Harbour City Councillors are being urged to push on with the sale of real estate assets to fund the controversial $76.5m Cultural and Civic Space.

It's estimated that if Council does not push ahead with the original plan of selling assets and housing staff in the purpose-built Cultural and Civic Space, additional costs could be as high as $38 million over 20 years.

The information is within a report requested by Councillors into alternative funding options should the sale of two properties (the administration building and Rigby House) not proceed. This report will be considered at this week's Council meeting.


You said:

Lorraine Penn - CHCC has my support to push forward with progressing this vital infrastructure for the community who cares about art, learning and culture in our lives.

Dolores Rivera - Stop all this bickering. This town deserves better than this. A brave visionary decision has been made for the future and it is in keeping with the overall plan for regions. Put your weapons down and get behind this great opportunity.

Cheryl Cooper - I hope it goes ahead. There are plenty who support it and many who don't may just not understand the situation. Without some guts nothing ever changes.

Margaret Fraser - If the council was not going into this building then we might change the outcome. But as long as council wants to move into new build, then it is doomed.

Peter Eather - Another Port Macquarie Glasshouse.

Mayor Denise Knight is a strong supporter of the project but Local Government Minister Shelley Hancock has spoken out against it.
Mayor Denise Knight is a strong supporter of the project but Local Government Minister Shelley Hancock has spoken out against it.

Rob Trezise - There is no limit to their arrogance or desperation to give themselves new offices by the CHCC Mayor and GM. Covid or no Covid, the community needs to march on City Hall to demand the State Government appoint an Administrator to take the running of OUR City out of these deplorable people's hands

Christopher Kelly - Queen bee and her minions have to go, put the question in the council election and see how many support this rubbish. If they are game of course, my guess is they already know the outcome. Go put your name on some park bench for all it's worth.

Michelle Stewart - I would really like to know, what are the numbers like for the complete support of this project, in the current format being offered by Council. While against numbers are approximately in the vicinity of 15,000, and we do hear from a very vocal and supportive few, it would fantastic if the supporters got together and showed numbers.


Airport rezoning bid raises questions

A PROPOSAL to re-zone land in the council's Airport Enterprise Park development is raising an important question: just who is making this request?

A Coffs Harbour City Councillor is also asking why rezoning has now been put on the table while negotiations for a long-term lease of the airport and the Enterprise Park development are currently underway.


You said:

Shane Briggs - There should be no industrial areas east of the Pacific Highway just got to go down to Sydney all of industrial areas in mascot becoming housing so Coffs Harbour is a backwards thinking council.

Christopher Kelly - If this council run by queen bee has anything to do with it, you should ask questions. One councillor down is illegal, nothing should be done until after the election.


Traffic chaos near big banana

Southbound lanes are open and one northbound lane is flowing slowly this evening following a nasty accident on the Pacific Highway north of the Big Banana.

Three cars and a small truck were involved in the smash that happened around 4.30pm.


You said:

Ali Herbert - Took us over an hour to get from bray street to Solitary islands way....we got home at 5.20.

Brigit Mackenzie - Speed, wet weather and corners, not a good combination

Mark Tickle - How the hell could there be an accident at this section of road?

Coffs Cummuter via our website - The S-bend at the Big Banana is notorious for people speeding North as they approach the 80 KPH sign which is still several hundred metres away. The speed limit here needs to be sign-posted at 60 KPH, and the 80 KPH sign needs to be moved North of Bruxner Park Road. This will hopefully slow people down well before they get to the S-bend coming South, and have traffic travelling slower going North through the S-bend and up the Pacific Highway. It would have the added benefit of giving traffic a better chance of coming onto the Pacific Highway out of Charlesworth Bay Road

Is this the best netball side Coffs has ever seen?

IN THE boxing world, the phrase 'pound for pound' refers to the way the top fighters across multiple divisions are compared, if there were an equivalent in netball - this Coffs Harbour side might be up there with the best.

The Coffs Harbour Netball Association's Under 15s continue to defy stereotypes around age and experience to conquer teams who boast superiority in both.


You said:

Paula Potter - Dedication and commitment from all pays off, well done girls and coach.

Carol Cowling - Wow well done girls and coaches as well, what a great achievement

Trish Isles - They are amazing!!!