From dodgy COVID cures to a local Black Lives Matter protest see what our readers had to say about it all.
From dodgy COVID cures to a local Black Lives Matter protest see what our readers had to say about it all.

What’s got the Coffs Coast talking ?

From a local Black Lives Matter protest to a skull found inside a 370kg shark, these stories have got the Coffs Coast talking.

- Black Lives Matter protest in Bellingen passes the 60-day mark

MOST drivers toot their horns or raise their fists in solidarity as they pass by but one car pulled up and taunted protesters saying "jobs matter".  You said:

Helene Jones - If you mob were caring, there'd be some white on your flag too - not just German colours.

Iain Smith - Perhaps joining in with the rest of the community and making a difference as opposed to constantly playing the victim. I am sure plenty of indigenous are ashamed of them.

Lyn Parsons - Iain Smith agree. Hubby is of Aboriginal descent, our children and grandchildren. They are disgusted with this racist rubbish and playing the victim card at every opportunity


- Anglicare chief says move could create 'political legacy'

WITH governments looking to the construction industry to lead economic recovery, calls are growing for a significant investment into social housing.

'The best way to tackle homelessness is not rocket science. It requires more homes to be built,' Anglicare North Coast CEO Leon Ankersmit said.  You said:

Karen Lagalla - Says anyone with half a brain. That is why the LIBS/ NATS have not suggested it

Violet Rose Ifans McDonald - Social housing should be like it was in the 60s: basic affordable houses for lower income families to buy with repayments capped at 1/3 of your income. Home ownership creates civic pride. Moving to the rent-only model was a big mistake and kept people trapped in the rental poverty cycle.

Steve Zironda - Totally agree. In the last two years, Coffs has seen Housing Commission property taken over by 'religious housing companies' who are also buying up as many private rental properties as possible. Rent is calculated based on household income (easy enough to rort, as it always has been). Minimum rent if on the dole or single parent but vastly increased to 'market rent' if you get a decent job. Therefore, little incentive to work, and more social housing slums created. Great idea in theory, but in practice it has always caused more problems than it solves.

Skull mystery
Skull mystery

- Mystery of human skull found inside 370kg shark

A human skull, arm and pelvis found in the stomach of a massive shark caught off the NSW coast have become one of the great challenges of a new elite police team charged with solving missing persons mysteries.

The 370kg tiger shark was caught 18 years ago when it took a baited hook about 26 nautical miles off Blacksmiths, on the NSW central coast.  You said:

Dean Sempf - People would always go missing swimming 20 years ago presumed drowned at a holiday hotspot so it wouldn't affect tourism. Locals knew the truth.

Pauline Mc Glade Hopkinson - I don't know why they kill these sharks. It's their territory and if you go swimming in those waters or whatever, you suffer the consequences.

Record imports of dodgy COVID cures

Medications believed to cure coronavirus - including an anti-malaria drug spruiked by Donald Trump, are being illegally imported into Australia at record rates.  You said:

Robert Stewart - Yup, if it's been spruiked by Trump it's gotta be good cause he's a genius, and a stable one at that. Personally I prefer to stick to what I learnt, when I was about five: don't swallow unknown substances. Hard to credit these people are, presumably, adults.

Hajin Moon - Robert Stewart, a lot of doctors are starting to break rank on this. I couldn't give a fig about Trump.