The Climate Action strike in Coffs Harbour.
The Climate Action strike in Coffs Harbour. Trevor Veale

What’s got the Coffs Coast talking?

Letters to the Editor

Icebergs Off Coast Of Canada's Newfoundland Draw Tourists To Area
Floating iceberg.

How do we sleep while the ice is melting?

THIS doesn't sound good: one day in the last week of July 2019 around ten billion tons of meltwater poured off Greenland and into the ocean.

Now by itself that's not a game changer, however there are 31 days in July and that adds up to an awful lot of water.

A possible reason for this troubling occurrence is that the entire planet has just experienced the hottest July on record, again not a game changer (except for the unfortunate people that died from heat stress).

Since 1901 the planet has warmed by 0.9C and the rate of warming has doubled since 1975.

The 14 warmest years on record have all occurred since 1998, and the four warmest years have occurred since 2014.

Of course these events could be just a Greens/Marxist/United Nations/Chinese conspiracy to take over the world, however we shouldn't bet our houses on it, they could soon become inundated by rising sea levels.

Now before we start panicking and gluing ourselves to the roads protesting about burning fossil fuels, our esteemed Minister for Energy and never, ever saying the words "Climate Change", Angus Taylor, has a plan.

Yes, Angus, (in all his wisdom) has concluded that since the Chernobyl, Fukushima and Three-Mile Island disasters, "miniaturised" nuclear reactors are now so safe that the Australian Government could soon subsidise the installation of "rooftop nuclear" for the average suburban home.

Think of the cost savings on electricity, the steady glow would make outdoor lighting unnecessary (perfect for night-time barbecues).

Keith Duncan

The Bees Nest bushfire near Ebor.

Bees Nest bushfire is unprecedented

THE Bees Nest bushfire on the Western Dorrigo Plateau is unprecedented in many ways.

It is notably unprecedented for the seasonal timing that it occurred (the first week of spring) and the scale of impact, the rate of spread, the intensity of the fire and for the damage done to farms, bushland and our regional water supply.

Fires in earlier decades, such as those in the 1950s and '60s, took much longer to cover such massive areas and many rainforest areas now burnt definitely did not burn in these major historic fire events.

Historically, bushfires definitely did not burn with such intensity or spread so rapidly in the first week of spring.

Never before have early spring bushfires burnt right through patches of ancient and sensitive rainforest such as recent fires on the Western Dorrigo Plateau from Billys Creek to Mt Hyland.

The reality is that the Bees Nest bushfire has burnt at a much higher intensity equivalent to midsummer fire conditions compared with previous times; this has taken experienced professional firefighters, public land management agencies and emergency response systems completely by surprise.

In case you don't wish to believe me, I draw your attention to a public statement made by the RFS Commissioner, Shane Fitzsimmons, on 6 September in relation to the many bushfires burning across northern NSW: "Records will indicate we have never seen in NSW fire danger ratings in this part of the state to the level we're experiencing today."

This statement by the Commissioner is a textbook definition of "unprecedented", that is, never before experienced.

Mark Graham

Climate action strike in Coffs Harbour on September 20.
The Coffs Coast Climate Action Group protest last week. Trevor Veale

Climate action is a national priority

WHAT a fantastic turnout of people demanding real action on climate change we had at Coffs Harbour, joining millions around the world.

Thirty of us from various churches in town joined together before the rally for worship, to pray for the schoolchildren and their future, and for a healthy Earth for all God's creatures.
Then what a sight as we got to the park to see a rally three times the size of the last one.

Our PM may feel that he can snub a UN climate action meeting in favour of dinner with the world's other main climate pariah, but I call on all science-accepting, socially conscious members of the LNP to keep pushing to take the coal out of the COALition.

It's encouraging that our local member is on board with pushing for renewable-energy-economy- based employment in our area, but this needs to be a national priority, at a pace reflecting the magnitude of the crisis unfolding around us.

We have become a prodigal nation and it's time we got out of the fossil fuel pigpen, repented and returned to a morally defensible relationship to the rest of the global family.

Rev. Dr Jason John,

Hydes Creek

Cyclist Lauren Le Quire rides through an intersection along Albert Street. Picture: Jake Nowakowski
Are there problems with Coffs' cycle paths?

Council staffer to take first-hand look

THUMBS up to Terry Thorn from Coffs Harbour City Council for agreeing to come to ride woeful areas of Coffs Harbours cycleways and following through on his assurance of their repair.

Vegetation has been replaced or cut back and areas reconcreted on the cycleways. Trip and bump hazards have been repaired.

Only a few left now, Mr Thorn, and you know where they are and you will have done Coffs cyclists and pedestrians proud.

Looking forward to a safe crossing from Stadium Dr to the Education Campus, from cycleway to Bishop Druitt College and installation of a double cyclist lane on a carparking lane along Bray St so cyclists can ride along without risking their lives when a driver opens their car door to a cyclist riding by.

I just know you will do it, Mr Thorn.

Judy Quickenden

Climate action strike in Coffs Harbour on September 20.
Coffs Climate Action strike. Trevor Veale

It's a whopper of a lie to distract us?

IN a world afflicted by climate change, it's so comforting to have an Energy Minister in Angus Taylor who knows nothing about energy. Take his latest gaffe.

He says that our LNG exports are lowering global greenhouse gas (GHGs) emissions by 148 million tonnes (mT), a claim disputed by a raft of experts.

This claim is based on two things. First, our customers are replacing coal imports with LNG imports. There is little evidence of this. Second, gas produces less GHGs than coal. Dead wrong!

While gas from WA produces a little less than coal, coal seam gas from Queensland chugs out twice as much in GHGs as coal, 428mT compared to 215mT.

With each state exporting the same amount of LNG, our LNG exports produce 300mT, much more than coal at 215mT.

Why would Taylor tell yet another whopper?

To distract us from the latest rise in our GHG emissions.

Dr Michael Blockey,

North Coast Renewable

Energy Association

Clark Webb Ex officer of Bularri Muurlay Nyanggan, Aboriginal Corporation, with co worker Nadia Donavan celebrate grant over a coffee at the coporaions Coffee outlet at Sealy lookout . 22 AUG 2018
Clark Webb Ex officer of Bularri Muurlay Nyanggan, Aboriginal Corporation, with co worker Nadia Donavan celebrate grant over a coffee at the coporaions Coffee outlet at Sealy lookout . 22 AUG 2018 Trevor Veale

Giingan Gumbaynggirr Cultural experience

A GREAT way to spend a Saturday morning at Sealy Lookout.

An amazing interactive experience, for locals and tourists.

Special shout out to the Wajaar Ngaarlu Dancers, each time I see you perform I am taken on a journey. Thanks to Clark and Troy for passionately sharing their knowledge in an engaging and very entertaining way.

The hot chocolate from Nyanggan Gapi Cafe was a double thumbs up from my daughter.

Darrundang (thank you).

Perfect coffee, perfect view.

Suzie and Jaymie Rose