Questions are being asked about the impact of weed killers on humans after a landmark legal case in the United States.
Questions are being asked about the impact of weed killers on humans after a landmark legal case in the United States. Henfaes

What's got the Coffs Coast talking?

Landmark cancer verdict on Roundup

THE safety of Roundup herbicide has been brought into question.

It is a suspected carcinogen.

Will our councils consider banning the use as a precautionary measure to protect the health of outdoor staff and the community?

I look forward to council's consideration of this extremely important issue.

"In August, a jury in California awarded $US289 million ($410m) to California man Dewayne Lee Johnson, who claims Monsanto's weedkiller was a substantial factor in causing his terminal cancer, and that the company failed to warn of the potential risk.

The trial blew the lid on a decades long campaign by Monsanto to protect its flagship product.

A trove of company documents, known as the Monsanto Papers, reveals a history of the company ghost-writing articles in support of glyphosate, attempts to undermine the IARC finding, and internal concerns about the safety of Roundup.

In one email from 2003, "Monsanto's lead toxicologist warns the company cannot say that Roundup is not a carcinogen because they have not done the necessary tests."...4 Corners, October 8, 2018.

Wayne Evans


PROTEST: School students, teachers and parents rally for action on climate change.
PROTEST: School students, teachers and parents rally for action on climate change. Jayden Whaites

Response needed to climate catastrophe

I ADMIRE Bruce Nicholson's blind faith in the status quo (Letters to the Editor, April 4).

Whatever one thinks about climate science, the reality is that dwindling fossil fuels are a finite resource and with global population exploding, it's probably a wise idea to figure out alternate energy sources before it's too late.

Stephen J. Pratt


PM Scott Morrison is facing the biggest rebellion since former PM Malcom Turnbull was forced to legislate a banking royal commission.
PM Scott Morrison has released a budget with the Federal Government in surplus. Kym Smith

A budget to pump up their own tyres

I NOTE the Coalition has abandoned the language of trickle-down economics and now uses the language of "pump priming", if my pump took six years to prime, I'd be throwing it out and getting a different model of pump.

It also wants to stuff up to $220 a week into the back pockets of the wealthiest sections of society, who need it the least and uses the euphemism of increased productivity to remove penalty rates and casualise jobs thus lowering the income of those of us who are struggling the most.

This government is failing apawlingly to provide services for our country, such as the highest standard of healthcare for all, not just for those who can afford private health insurance, affordable housing, liveable pensions, education for all and the implementation of the NDIS.

In my opinion this government is great on pronouncements, but poor on delivery.

The elephant in the room is climate change, yet the coalition has its head in the sand on this crisis, thanks to the lobbying by the fossil fuel industry.

Negative gearing does not apply to our homes, but to investment property buyers, so giving the wealthiest yet another handout.

This causes inflation of residential property prices.

The scaremongering of falling house values is nonsense.

The true value of a home is as a roof over one's head and the less it costs us the better.

I can go on about this Mickey Mouse budget....

As for the Coalition's claim of being an economically safe pair hands, I wouldn't trust them to organise a drinks party in a brewery, let alone run the country, a child could do better.

I pay my taxes to enable our government to provide services for all of us, not for them to just hand it out to their lobbying mates. Others' thoughts?

Robin Hesketh, Bellingen



Jetty Memorial Theatre Harbour Dr. 12 MAY  2016. Trevor Veale
Heathers is showing at the Jetty Memorial Theatre. Trevor Veale

Stage show's powerful messages

CONGRATULATIONS to the wonderful young and very talented cast of Heathers The Musical now playing at The Jetty Theatre.

Everyone in the cast is under 25 years.

They're all locals, some still in high school and I was just stunned by the quality of the acting and the singing.

The story tackles some confronting issues: bullying, suicide, peer pressure and sex. But they are all issues our teenage kids have to face these days - in spades!

Just totally recommend everyone to get along and see this wonderful performance. You won't be disappointed.

Penelope Dennis