It may be perfectly parked, but this is not cool.
It may be perfectly parked, but this is not cool.

What were they thinking?

RESIDENTS have been seeing red over the recent announcement of changes to the bulky goods collections in our area.

One local came up with a not-so-cool solution to the problem of what to do with an unwanted fridge. Park it.

That's right, this fridge was found perfectly parked between the lines behind the group of shops on the way to McDonalds.

It's unclear if this was a protest or was intended to be a donation for the Salvation Army Store, which moved from this location several months ago to a store in Harbour Drive.

Coffs Harbour City Council recently voted to change the twice-annual free bulky goods collection in an attempt to address the high number of complaints and problems with the service.

The changes, which will come into affect in March when residents (this includes tenants as well as owner-occupiers), will be able to apply for two vouchers per property each year allowing them to dispose of certain household bulky goods items at the Englands Road Waste Management Facility for free.

Alternatively, anyone who would prefer their bulky waste be picked up from their homes for disposal will be able to book-in and pay for a collection (available up to twice a year).

Both types of disposal are available for each property on an annual basis.

So what happens if you can't schlep your stuff to the tip?

You better be nice to that neighbour with a trailer or be prepared to pay the price.

Will this new system solve the smelly, unsightly problems associated with the former free bi-annual bulky goods kerbside collection? Or will it lead to illegal dumping or illegal fridge parking?

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