Yvonne Sampson talks about footy and family.
Yvonne Sampson talks about footy and family. Tony Martin

What is in this Weekend?

STATE of Origin is the pinnacle of sporting prowess for rugby league fans, and for television presenter Yvonne Sampson it still brings a tear to her eye.

Millions of people watched last year and, centre stage, was Yvonne Sampson - a rising star in sports broadcasting.

In the March 4 edition of Weekend, country kid Sampson talks about her love of football and her family, and her adoption.

Weekend also examines the pressure on professional athletes as they transition from their sporting careers to retirement.

Brent Livermore coaching at the Easter clinic held in Grafton. Photo JoJo Newby / The Daily Examiner
Brent Livermore shares his experience of finishing his professional hockey career. JoJo Newby

And for those of us who are not professional athletes (or living with one), a mental health expert also shares tips on how to deal with other life changes like having a baby, redundancies or going from work to retirement.

Finally, if you are stuck for kids' party food ideas, or want to make your own Easter eggs, check out our easy eating section.

Learn how to make your own Easter eggs in this Weekend. Paul Nelson rrphotostudio

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