The eliminated
The eliminated "bachelorettes" return for a tell-all special of The Bachelor Australia. Channel 10

What did The Bachelor "tell all" actually tell us?

TONIGHT'S "tell-all" reunion of the dumped bachelorettes was one big rehash.

The special saw The Bachelor host Osher Gunsberg interview the women eliminated from the reality dating show so far this season and featured a lot of video recaps.

While it was supposed to give the women a chance to clear the air and give fans an insight into what happened off-camera, the program felt like "the Amber and Laurina show".

The two polarizing women dominated much of the special.

Canadian acting hopeful Amber hammed it up for the cameras, using her extra minutes in the spotlight to explain her tantrums were the result of her "passionate" nature.

"I'm a very passionate person as we've seen," she said.

"When I'm mad look out; when I'm sad tears are a flowin'. When I'm happy I love to laugh, love the LOL's. I really get into my emotions."

Luckily straight-shooter Chantal called a spade a spade.

"Amber made it about Amber" Chantal said.

Laurina Fleure with host Osher Gunsberg in The Bachelor tell-all special.
Laurina Fleure with host Osher Gunsberg in The Bachelor tell-all special. Channel 10

"It was just one poor reaction after the next. Then she started to act a little bit crazy."

But at least Amber apologised to "misunderstood" Laurina for blowing up at her during one of the cocktail parties.

Laurina had some of the best one-liners of the special, proclaiming she could "eat a pie" and revealing she felt uncomfortable during her bowling date with Bachelor Blake Garvey in part because she wasn't wearing underwear.

Looking forward to the show's final two weeks, the dolled-up women agreed Brisbane events coordinator Louise was a dark horse, while fellow Queenslander Lisa was the most popular amongst the bachelorettes.

"She is personable, she is funny, she gets along with everyone," netballer Holly said of Lisa.

"She stands up for someone when they're down and she's hot as well, so what else could you ask for in a girl?"

But when it came to picking a winner, the women tipped Sam and "magical" Jessica.

"I think Sam is a very beautiful woman," Chantal said.

"She's all about her family; she's all about her friends. She is your quintessential Australian girl next door. She is so easy to fall in love with."

Garvey will meet the parents of the four final women - Sam, Jessica, Lisa and Louise - tomorrow night.