ANOTHER FATAL: The scene of a crash earlier this month near Glenugie.
ANOTHER FATAL: The scene of a crash earlier this month near Glenugie. Frank Redward

'We're sick of it': Fed up police want road carnage to end

LESS than two weeks ago Coffs-Clarence Police pleaded with the public to be careful when they're behind the wheel.

Since then a further three people have died. Now they're beyond pleading.

Acting Superintendent Brendan Gorman said in his 29 years in the force, he's never seen road incidents as bad or as regular as they are right now.

"2019 has been extremely frustrating but particularly this month, we've had five deaths in October. It's gone beyond a joke," Supt Gorman said.

"It's so very frustrating that people are not getting the message.

"Their decisions, whether they're a pedestrian, a cyclist, a motorcyclist or a driver of a motor vehicle, can have an everlasting affect on someone's life. It can end someone's life.

"A motor vehicle is a non-discriminatory killer if not treated appropriately."

Supt Gorman said the police are drawing a line in the sand to bring an end to the senseless deaths on our roads.

"We're sick of it. If you make a poor decision, we will be taking action. Whether we give you a ticket, put you before the court or take your licence off you. We're not going to take it anymore.

"People have to learn that their actions have consequences.

"The bulk of people who have been getting killed on our roads are locals. These deaths go through the entire community."

Despite many officers within the Coffs-Clarence Police having decades of experience, Supt Gorman said a 3am knock on the door never gets easier.

"It's complete anguish.... Just anguish and screaming.

"They know why we're there and it doesn't just affect the family, it affects the police.

"At the scene you've got the police, ambulance, fireys and witnesses, all of them dealing with death and that anguish never goes away."

With the summer holidays only eight weeks away, Supt Gorman is hoping for the best but preparing for the worst.

Last Friday 56-year-old Coffs Harbour man Trevor Campbell was killed when his motorbike collided with two oncoming cars on Waterfall Way west of Thora.

Mr Campbell's death followed that of Amy Green and Linda Jolley also being killed on our roads earlier in the week.

Earlier this month there was also fatal crashes near both Glenugie and Harwood