Woolworths is going plastic bag free.
Woolworths is going plastic bag free. Contributed

Welcome to the anti-plastic era

WOOLWORTHS and Coles moves to reduce plastic-wrapped produce based on ongoing pressure from shoppers, has been welcomed by the NSW Greens.

Coles has pledged to reduce plastic wrap on fruit and vegetables and replace meat and poultry product packaging with recycled and renewable materials.

Coles will also aim at halving food waste from its supermarkets and making all packaging of its branded products recyclable by 2020.

Woolworths will stop selling plastic straws and enter into a partnership with a food waste recycler by the end of the year, and expands its selection of fruit and vegetables not wrapped in plastic.


The Greens Justin Field
The Greens Justin Field Daily Telegraph

Greens NSW Marine spokesperson Justin Field said the two major Australian supermarkets had responded to growing community demand for reducing plastic waste, now it is time for Premier Gladys Berejiklian to act.

"(The) announcements by Woolworths and Coles is a response to community campaigns such as Boomerang Bags, Plastic Free July, Take 3 for the Sea and thousands of social media petitions and actions," Mr Field said.

"It shows an unstoppable momentum to reduce plastic waste and its deadly impact on whales, seabirds and other marine life when it makes its way into the ocean.

"Wrapping bananas and avocados in plastic has always been a terrible wasteful. Nature puts fruit and vegetables in their own packaging ready to eat."