TRAGIC ACCIDENT: David Halverson speaks out about the tragic death of his partner Dixie and her daughter Rachel last November.
TRAGIC ACCIDENT: David Halverson speaks out about the tragic death of his partner Dixie and her daughter Rachel last November. Erlandsen Family

“We do not blame anyone”: Partner of crash victim

THE partner of the late Dixie Erlandsen, David Halverson, has penned a heart-felt letter breaking his silence on the fatal accident which claimed the life of his partner and her daughter Rachel last November.

It comes after national media last week reported the court case of an ambulance driver involved in crash.

These are his words:

Early in the night after the accident I received a call from an officer of the crash investigation unit. He recommended us not to look at or pay any attention to social media, papers or television reports. That he would keep us informed and in time give us the full statement of events. Which I commend him on, Well done.

An excellent piece of information.

We received the police reports, statements from those involved and witnesses, pathology reports and the autopsy reports a few weeks ago.

We do not blame the ambulance driver for the fatal accident. The police report identified that Rachel was responsible for the collision.

Speed may have been a factor to Rachel's judgment as to the speed that the ambulance was approaching at 115kph- which is apparently a common problem for young drivers and something for us as driving instructors to point out to our loved ones- that is even, if she saw the approaching ambulance for what ever reason, we have all had some sort of close call for one reason or another.

More than likely Rachel was concentrating more on the vehicle travelling north that she was going to merge in behind.

Both of the Paramedic's and the man in the car that was directly behind Rachel's car should be commended on their efforts to Dixie and Rachel which were to no avail as medical reports indicate that loss of life would have been instant. The only blessing.

The police report referred to the cannabis result, less than.001, and discounted it as a contributing factor. The ambulance driver had started working earlier that day and at the time of the accident there was also another Paramedic, a Doctor and a Nurse in the ambulance and no one said anything that caused them concern.

As a bus driver we have random drug and alcohol tests, and I think this should be in place for all companies and businesses that have vehicles on the road, maybe all hired staff should be randomly tested, as every day road users we are now subject to random drug and alcohol tests.

If the work load in any job is to much that you need illegal drugs to sleep or perform then that should be addressed, but we hear all to often the pressure put on workers to perform above reasonable expectations.

We all have to do our best to move on from this, but just remember these two paramedics and the man behind Rachel's car not only witnessed the accident in great detail but also tried in vain to help Dixie and Rachel, they now have to live with the graphic images etched in their minds.

I do think that all emergency vehicles and all vehicles for that matter should be fitted with good quality dash cams, both forward and rear facing and the front seats. This would help not only with incident reports but also give better closure in such an accident as this one.

I repeat we do not blame anyone. This was an accident, that's why they are called accidents.