A graphic showing how the building will look along Gordon Street.
A graphic showing how the building will look along Gordon Street.

We deserve better than ‘wild claims and sensationalism’

Letters to the editor in relation to recent stories on the Cultural and Civic Space.

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We don't need wild claims and sensationalism

THE debate about the Cultural and Centre has long suffered from too much heat and too little light.

The recent contribution from Councillor Keith Rhoades, claiming that the cost could reach $130 million just adds more fuel to the fire.

Councillor Rhoades accuses people in favour of the Cultural Centre of underestimating the cost to suit their position, then he immediately over-estimates the projected cost to suit his own opposing position.

Cr Keith Rhoades.
Cr Keith Rhoades.

This doesn't help resolve the debate. It just pushes people further into entrenched positions.

The Cultural and Civic Centre debate is important to the future of our community.

It is about the viability and suitability of a large investment in the cultural life of our region. We need to balance the benefit to our cultural and educational life against a substantial cost. As a community, we need to be armed with facts and sound analysis.

Tony Judge
Tony Judge

Instead, we are being inundated by opinions, distractions and innuendo.

We need calm, mature and reasoned discussion, not wild claims and sensationalism. We deserve better.

Tony Judge



Design not suitable for the site

It's very sad that the design for the Civic Centre is NOT suitable for the site, but there seems to be a blind push to throw all that, mainly borrowed, money at it anyway.

In the circumstances, the entire project needs to be delayed, if not shelved permanently.

To me it resembles the $200 million thrown at the French Memorial by Tony Abbott, which about 2,000 people have visited so far.

Rosie Lewis