AFTER four days on the run, escaped prisoner Nelson Kepa has been captured in North Mackay.

Witness Eric Knight was inside his Bassett Street home when police swarmed the neighbourhood and closed in on the Kepa who escaped from Capricornia Correctional Centre custody on Monday afternoon while at a working bee.

 Detective Inspector Brendan Smith has confirmed Kepa's capture. He has been on the run with Levi Brown, who police say is still outstanding. 

Police on scene at Bassett Street: Police on scene at Bassett Street

Mr Knight said the first sign of trouble was when he found a suspected stolen car dumped in his back yard.

"It was random and was smoking so had obviously been ditched not too long ago. It was a white Subaru," Mr Knight said.

"I had the investigators come over and knock on my door and question me about the car.

"I had just recently woken up so it was like 'wow, what's going on'. After that, I just saw a whole heap of coppers next door and they were all over the place."