Stonefish Photo Contributed
Stonefish Photo Contributed Contributed

Stonefish may have caused man extreme agony at Coolum

LIFESAVERS at Coolum Beach have treated what appears to be a stonefish sting.

A 47-year-old man was brought to the lifesavers around 1pm on Sunday in extreme agony with a deep gash in his foot.

He had been walking around the rock pools near Point Perry, on the southern emd of Coolum Beach.

Patrol captain Peter Gardiner said the man was in a lot of pain.

"At first we suspected a stingray barb as he had a very bad cut on the left side of the foot, near the sole," Mr Gardiner said.

"But it was more likely a stonefish as he really was in a lot of pain."

First aid officer John Hammond treated the injury with extreme hot water - one of the best treatments for a stonefish sting.

The man was also put on oxygen, but the pain was getting worse. Lifesavers called paramedics who took over and put him on pain relief.

The patient was taken to a doctor's surgery. "His wife rang us back in the afternoon to say the doct

or suspected a stonefish sting," Mr Gardiner said.

Surf lifesaving duty officer David McLean said stonefish were rare around Coolum.



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Lying on sand or in shallow rock pools, the fish looks like an encrusted rock