FINED: Speeders were among the people fined during a road blitz at the weekend.
FINED: Speeders were among the people fined during a road blitz at the weekend. Scott Powick

Wanted man and 'life-endangering' offences found in blitz

A MAN was charged with one count each of stealing and unlicensed driving after being intercepted by police during a road blitz at Leyburn at the weekend.

He was one of multiple drivers charged and fined during the three-day operation.

Leyburn Police Senior Constable Matt Swan said the Toowoomba man was pulled up on the Toowooomba Karara Rd at Leyburn about 4.30pm on Friday.

Checks allegedly revealed he didn't hold a Queensland drivers licence, his New South Wales drivers licence was disqualified and he was wanted for a stealing offence, Sen-Constable Swan said.

"It's alleged on the first day of December 2018, the 26-year-old male has attended a service station, refuelled his vehicle and has left without making payment," Sen-Constable Swan said.

The Newtown man was given a notice to appear at Warwick Magistrates Court on March 27.

The road blitz took place between Friday and Sunday in the Leyburn area, with assistance from the Warwick Road Policing Unit.

Sen-Constable Swan said a 37-year-old Harristown man was also charged with driving unlicenced, uninsured and unregistered.

"It's alleged that the vehicle had lapsed by 113 days," he said.

He will also appear in court on March 27.

A 29-year-old Warwick man was also issued with a notice to appear at Warwick Magistrates Court for driving under the influence of drugs.

Sen-Constable Swan said across the weekend six speeding tickets were issued, with the average speed being 20-30km/h above the speed limit.

Drivers caught in that bracket were given a $435 fine and four demerit points.

One person was also slapped with a $391 fine and three demerit points for not wearing a seatbelt.

Another will also have to pay $391 after consuming liquor while driving.

"It seems to be a continual thing to be detecting life-endangering offences like speeding tickets and seatbelt ticket on the Cunningham Highway," Sen-Constable Swan said.

But there was a positive to come out of the weekend.

"Over the course of the weekend police conducted in excess of 140 RBTs and the pleasing thing was that no drink driving offences were detected," Sen-Constable Swan said.

"The message about drink driving is getting through."