Titans coach Neil Henry is under pressure after his team lost 54-0 to the Broncos on Saturday.
Titans coach Neil Henry is under pressure after his team lost 54-0 to the Broncos on Saturday. DAVE HUNT

Wallace gives his backing to under-fire Titans coach

TITANS enforcer Jarrod Wallace has leapt to the defence of coach Neil Henry, following reports his future at the club is in doubt.

The Gold Coast is still reeling from Saturday's embarrassing 54-0 loss to Brisbane and is also dealing with a heavy fallout, including speculation over Henry's job security and claims from Titans saviour Darryl Kelly that he is reconsidering buying the club.

Wallace was apologetic to Kelly for the team's performance over the weekend but fired up about questions over Henry's future, claiming the playing group do not want to see him gone.

"It's come from no one's mouth," Wallace said of the reports.

"That's just all speculation then. We're a team and a club that's building something.

"We're all behind him.

"There's going to be (speculation) to get heads rolled but we're trying to stick together as a club.

"Obviously we've had a tough year with injuries and things like that but Neil's done a really good job of keeping the boys together."

Wallace admitted, however, that he was just as shocked as the public by his team's performance on Saturday.

He said he had "no idea" how they leaked 54 points but was sure they would do everything they could to finish their season on a high.

It was earlier reported that there was growing discontent among some players who are privately casting doubts on whether Henry is the right coach to lead the club.

Kelly was, in turn, considering whether he should forge ahead with a bid to buy the franchise for a second time following the Broncos and Tigers debacles in recent weeks.

He tipped more than $5 million into the Titans when saving the club from extinction in 2013, only to lose it all when the NRL assumed ownership in February 2015.

He has formulated a consortium of locals to launch a bid to buy the club from the NRL but admitted the Gold Coast's horrible performances have made him have second thoughts.

"I am totally disillusioned and questioning whether I should continue," he said.

"The performance of the players (was most disappointing). There was no pride at all in what they did. That's disappointing when everyone else is working so hard.

"This side is supposed to be a better side than we had last year and last year's side had a go. They turned up and had a go."

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