WAR ON WASTE: Poppy and Tyler at Cow and Koala Professional Child Care do their bit for the environment.
WAR ON WASTE: Poppy and Tyler at Cow and Koala Professional Child Care do their bit for the environment. Trevor Veale

Vision for a greener Coffs begins with kids

IF YOU ask Sarah Jones, the key to a sustainable future begins with children.

Soft plastic recycling can seem daunting at first but Ms Jones is taking on an initiative to instil this vital information in infants.

Ms Jones, who works at Cow and Koala Professional Child Care, has introduced recycling program Redcycle to the kids and is offering free workshops around Coffs.

Redcycling is a program where soft plastics are collected and then recycled into products, such as furniture and signage.

Redcycling means things such as plastic grocery bags and chocolate wrappers don't end up in landfill and oceans.

Parents and children are being encouraged to donate recyclable soft plastics and with every bag of plastics donated they receive a raffle ticket.

"What's happening is we're running a competition raffle each month where if they bring in a bag of plastic they get one raffle ticket in return,” Ms Jones said.

"The more raffle tickets they receive, the more likely they are to win.”

Ms Jones said they relied on prizes donated from the community to run the program, where businesses received recognition for being involved.

"I'm hoping as the program grows we can get some more businesses in Coffs to start donating,” shesaid.

Ms Jones is offering the free workshops to kick off the program in other institutions.

"I'm passionate about recycling and I'm hoping to get it happening in Coffs,” she said.

"I'm starting with daycare centres and hopefully I will be able to promote it all around Coffs. I've been contacted by Petit Early Learning so that is another child care centre taking on the initiative.

"Businesses and centres can contact me to organise the free workshops. It's just something I'm offering to help people who perhaps don't understand or don't know where to start.

"For example, my family who live in the country don't recycle at all, they don't have a bin service out there. So it's a brand-new concept for people to change the way they've done things all these years.”

To find out more, visit www.redcycle.net.au.