A MOTORIST has blasted a fellow driver for doing an idiotic manoeuvre at a Toowoomba intersection.

The incident took place at night at the intersection of Taylor and Greenwattle Sts, which has been the site of numerous crashes.

A car travelling west on Taylor St captured the incident on a dash-cam camera.

The video was taken from a car which approaches traffic lights which then turn red.

The motorists prepares to turn left onto Greenwattle St and turns on the car's indicators.

But a second driver apparently couldn't wait.

The driver undertakes the first driver by crossing an unbroken white line near the kerbside.

"What's this idiot think he's doing," the driver says as the car approaches.

"He's not supposed to be doing that.

"That's not a turning lane it's a single unbroken line."

The second car in the intersection.
The second car in the intersection. Contributed

The lights turn green and the two vehicles attempt to turn left at the same time.

The first motorists beeps his horn but eventually gives way to the second car.

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