WARNING: The video contains strong offensive language

A STAND-UP paddleboarder has captured amazing helmet-cam footage of the moment a Great White shark swam under his board.

Mike Durand, of Swellmagnet.com has released the video on YouTube and it's now attracting worldwide attention.

Mr Durand says on the site he put on his GOPRO Cam/helmet and went in search of Great White Sharks off of Manhattan Beach, El Porto.

"After spotting one with the cam off he thought his day was over. Number 2 swam into the picture and ended up scaring the s***  out of him," the report on Youtube says.

The video starts with Mr Durand viewing the the sharks at a distance, before they become more interested and one swims directly under his board - and is captured perfectly on camera.

After the close encounter he admits he is "shaking like a leaf".