Vision of car thieves in action on King St at west Coffs.
Vision of car thieves in action on King St at west Coffs. Janine Watson

Victim of crime says west Coffs a 'daily danger'

A SENIOR police officer has assured the community that the King Street area in west Coffs is not a crime hot spot.

Coffs Clarence Crime Manager Senior Sergeant Peter O'Reilly was responding to concerns raised by a resident who recently had his car stolen.

In the early hours of October 27 thieves walked up Phil Tripp's steep driveway on King St and broke into his X-Trail rolling it down the hill before starting it and driving off.

The hooded thieves were caught on Mr Tripp's security cameras and appeared casual throughout the operation. The car was later located in a paddock less than a kilometre away and Mr Tripp praised police for their response although the culprits are yet to be identified.

The police report into the incident described the footage as 'not admissible quality'.

The well known local heads out for a walk at 4.30am most mornings and he described the feeling of seeing an empty driveway.

"I got mad, frustrated and really bent out of shape but once I realised it was stolen I thought: I can't buy back stomach lining - why allow emotions to take over.”

Instead he is embarking on a letter writing campaign describing what he sees as an escalation of crime in the area and is urging others to do the same.

"The dogleg turn of King Street one block from Coramba Rd/High St has become a daily danger with muscle cars careening, burnouts, drag races by motorcycles and also, we are being hit by housebreaking, car theft, car break ins and property theft from outside our homes at an alarming rate.  

"A few of the older people nearby are in fear of going out, much less crossing the street,” he wrote in a letter to Coffs/Clarence Superintendent Steve Clarke.

He also made reference to the robbery at Shop 36 on West High Street last month. Snr Sgt O'Reilly has confirmed that investigations into this matter are ongoing.

He has also assured the community that police conduct regular analysis to help allocate resources efficiently.

"We do daily intelligence briefings and weekly reviews of crime figures to ensure that our resources are in the right areas and our figures at this time don't indicate that the King Street area is a crime hotbed.”

He has reminded residents to report suspicious activity in their neighbourhood by calling Crimestoppers on 1800 333 000 or if its an unfolding break-in call Coffs Harbour police on 6691 0799.