Greens candidate for Cowper Carol Vernon.
Greens candidate for Cowper Carol Vernon. Trevor Veale

Vernon targeting issues rather than ‘rush to an election’

HAVING been preselected by her political party back in October to contest for the seat of Cowper, Greens candidate Carol Vernon said she's ready for an election should it come on July 2.

Mrs Vernon has created plenty of noise already discussing issues she'll be campaigning on this year.

She's been most vocal about improving the employment picture on the Coffs Coast.

It's something she believes Cowper MP Luke Hartsuyker should also be making plenty of noise about.

"Cowper MP Luke Hartsuyker could be concentrating on reducing the extremely high local youth unemployment rather than supporting this government's rush to an election," Mrs Vernon said.

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull surprised many yesterday by calling back the Parliament in order to pass the Australian Building and Construction Commission (ABCC) reforms, while simultaneously bringing forward the Budget by a week.

The Bill is designed to increase scrutiny on unions and employer organisations.

Mrs Vernon said the ABCC should focus on a wide and varied range of industries when it comes to corruption, not just the building and construction industry.

"The ABCC bill is designed to focus solely on building and construction workers, not to genuinely end widespread corruption," she said.

"I ask why, if the Turnbull-Joyce coalition government is genuinely wanting to stamp out corruption, it refuses to ignore the Greens' call for a federal ICAC that would examine all sources of corruption.

"The residents of the Mid North Coast deserve a federal government, of any shade of politics, that is above the suspicion of corruption.

"The NSW ICAC demonstrated the devious influence of corporate lobbyists on our state government. Are we more of a 'corporatocracy' than a democracy?

"Many would say we are."