ON TOP: Kylie, Mia, Peter and Joel Vaiciurgis proved to be a force at the state titles.
ON TOP: Kylie, Mia, Peter and Joel Vaiciurgis proved to be a force at the state titles.

Vaiciurgis family is sailing into success

SAILING: Peter Vaiciurgis has been on the water mastering the seas for more than 25 years.

His love of sailing was innate.

"My dad said it was just in me, none of my family sailed but as a little kid I started building boats and playing with toy boats,” Vaiciurgis said.

"I really like the challenge of it, it's physical and mental where a lot of other sports is just physical.

"Your brain doesn't stop because you're trying to predict a moving chessboard.”

It's a moving chessboard which now possesses familiar pieces for Vaiciurgis, unlike his younger days.

"My wife is an awesome sailor, she's won previous national titles,” he said.

"We've also been teaching our children how to sail.”

In the recent NSW Heron State Championships held at Queens Lake, the Vaiciurgis family all finished on the podium.

Vaiciurgis and son Joel, 5, won the event, while wife Kylie and daughter Mia, 7, came third.

Vaiciurgis, a school teacher by trade, said the family's podium finishes were fuelled by a healthy rivalry.

"The fleet was so highly competitive it's not funny, there was at least six past national champions,” he said.

"Coming into the last day there were four people that could win and coming into the last race there were no points between first and second.

"Is it competitive between my wife and I? Yes and I suppose that's why we did so well.

"We have been sailing every weekend for months and travelling around for different regattas. We've just been pushing each other faster and faster.”

Asked whether his children shared the same competitive nature, Vaiciurgis said his son has a win at all costs mentality.

"He wasn't happy with me the day when we came eighth, I can tell you that,” he said.

The family is involved with Coffs Harbour Yacht Club and would love other sailors to join.

The club has recently restarted dinghy sailing on Saturday.

"We've got a few really good families started with us again but we're just trying to build it back up,” Vaiciurgis said.

"There's a heap of dinghy sailors in Coffs, we just have to get them back out.

"If families rock up and want to sail they'll get looked after.”