Kumbarilla Project drilling confirmed for April 2020.
Kumbarilla Project drilling confirmed for April 2020. Contributed

UPDATE: Phase one of Tara gas program completed

THE final well in the Kumbarilla drilling program has reached total depth, signifying the completion of phase one of the program.

A statement form Galilee Energy revealed the phase had been completed within budget with the final well in the program, Kumbarilla Central 3 (KC3), reaching total depth of 1,073m last Saturday.

Phase 2 exploration commenced with a focus on the considerable conventional oil and gas opportunities in the Permian and Jurassic reservoirs.

The second phase of the exploration program will focus on the substantial conventional oil and gas potential at Kumbarilla.

This represents one of Galilee's primary prospectivity objectives in this permit, which was originally released by the Queensland Government as a conventional block.

Considerable technical work on the permit has been accelerated by Galilee including the reprocessing of over 675km of existing 2D seismic data within and around ATP 2043.

This work has already identified several structural leads at both the Permian and Jurassic reservoir levels along the regionally extensive Moonie-Goondiwindi Fault System (Fig 1), which also hosts the on-trend Moonie oilfield.

Savanna Rig 406 was released for mobilisation this week to the ATP 2019 Glenaras Gas Project and drilling of the pilot monitoring well.