University undergraduates are choosing to shift away from the ‘money’ careers and study healthcare in droves this year.
University undergraduates are choosing to shift away from the ‘money’ careers and study healthcare in droves this year.

Uni students chase a meaning, not the money

UNIVERSITY undergraduates are choosing to study healthcare in droves this year because they want to help people and make a difference in the world.

A Bachelor of Nursing at the Western Sydney University was the most popular course to study at a NSW university in 2019 according to Universities Admissions Centre data.

A total of 4,191 people chose to do the course that has an ATAR cut-off of 75, followed closely by 3,589 people opting to study business at UTS.

The University of Sydney's well regarded Bachelor of Arts had an ATAR cut-off of 80 and was the third most popular course, with 2,972 enrolling in the course.

Studying medicine was also a popular choice, with 2,318 from the University of New South Wales and 2,221 enrolling in a medicine program run jointly by the University of Newcastle and the University of New England.

A total of 2,101 people enrolled Western Sydney Uni dual degree course of a Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery.

Sydney Career Coaching Tina Monk said her younger clients weren't motivated by money but wanted to help people.

"There is a shift away from being away from the money and having a more rewarding career, which is a good thing."

Law-- once known as the generalist degree of the 90s has fallen completely out of favour-- with only the prestigious Sydney University Combined Bachelor of Law appearing in the top 20 UAC list.

"Law is not quite as popular --that's fallen out of favour, it requires a lot of in depth studies and the younger ones aren't so interested in studying in depth," Ms Monk said.

"Law is pretty hard and a lot of the young people-- they're more people orientated in terms of helping people in a more direct way."

Students studying in the healthcare field have good employment prospects. According to government Labor Market statistics, the field is anticipated to grow by 250,000 more jobs in the years from 2018 to 2023.

The number of nurses the nation needs will increase by 59,900 in 2023.

Students should steer clear of planning to be a secretary or a personal assistant. Data shows the number of jobs in the Australian Economy will decrease by 19,000 jobs by 2023.