Unexpected night-time visitor slithers into home

Adam Strickland.
Adam Strickland. Rachel Vercoe

WAKING to find a snake curled up on your kitchen counter at midnight is not what many expect to see when living in suburbia.

Woolgoolga resident Judy Adams had that rude awakening earlier in the week as she grabbed a glass of water and stumbled across the 1.5m snake.

Ms Adams said the brownish coloured snake was wrapped around her dish rack near the stove in an aggressive body position and looked ready to strike.

Ms Adams phoned WIRES' after-hours number when she was unsure of the type of snake she was facing, shortly followed by 000.


Judy Adams snake in house at woolgoolga .. 08 NOV 2016
Judy Adams showing where the snake was when she woke up at midnight. Trevor Veale

Within half an hour, Woolgoolga-based police officers had arrived with news they had contacted Coffs Snake Rescue.

Ms Adams said police kept an eye on the reptile and warned her to keep a distance for her own safety, not knowing if the snake was poisonous.

Not long after, Adam from Coffs Snake Rescue arrived, assuring police and Judy it was a relatively harmless brown tree snake before removing it from her home.

Ms Adams and her son attempted to find the entry point for the snake but are still unsure how the reptile got in.

Ms Adams said she would like to warn people it was snake season and to be vigilant - even in the home.


Red bellied snake
A red bellied black snake, common in the Coffs Coast area. Rachel Vercoe

Coffs Snake Rescue is a licensed catch and release group of experienced snake handlers who are passionate about reptiles.

They rescue and relocate reptiles as well as offering consultancy for reptile safety on properties, businesses and schools.

  • For snake rescues or free advice, phone Coffs Snake Rescue on 0417 766 362.