CUT AND COVER: Roads and Maritime Services proposed landbridge construction at Roberts Hill, where tunnels will now be considered by the new community consultative committee.
CUT AND COVER: Roads and Maritime Services proposed landbridge construction at Roberts Hill, where tunnels will now be considered by the new community consultative committee. Roads and Maritime Services

Unanswered facts on the new bypass tunnels

Unanswered facts on the new tunnels

IS THERE any person who can give a truthful explanation regarding trucks carrying dangerous goods and their passage through tunnels, are they banned or allowed?

Many opinions have been expressed over this proposed bypass for Coffs Harbour, and at the moment with council wasting money on car stickers, hanging signs on highway and since removed Corflute signs also on highway, I wonder what I have missed.

I was led to believe this bypass would take trucks carrying dangerous goods off the existing highway and onto a safer route around the city via a bypass.

With the call for tunnels instead of cuttings, does this mean these trucks will continue to use the existing highway or will they be allowed to use the tunnels as now proposed?

If these trucks are not permitted to use the proposed tunnels, what is the purpose of having a bypass built? The safety of the city will be compromised and who knows what will be transported through the city in the future.

One writer to this column suggested that these trucks will slip through the city under the cover of darkness so that they will not be noticed, I think not.

I would appreciate if there is some person from council or some person with checkable details on what is or is not allowed to use highway tunnels.

Michael Randall

Independent candidate for the NSW seat of Coffs Harbour. Dr. Sally Townley.. 25 JAN 2019
Independent candidate for the NSW seat of Coffs Harbour Dr Sally Townley. TREVOR VEALE

It's time for independence

FOR his first public letter and his first media opportunity to set out his agenda for Coffs Harbour, Independent Gurmesh Singh (Advocate, February 23) makes it glaringly obvious that we need to break free from the shallow party politics that dominate our governments and cause the stalled, stagnant, failed democracy that we are bogged in now.

After being led around the electorate hand-in-hand with Andrew Fraser being told what to do, who to meet and what to say, it's clear the Nationals are promising a future with them will be a continuation of the same failures of the decades-old Fraser era.

Rather than offer any real commitments, the letter quickly sinks into petty political dribble straight from the LNP/Berejiklian script book - the usual jibes at previous governments' mismanagement, budget crises and policy failures - just the usual nonsense trotted out as the typical scare-campaign tactics of the Coalition-Labor battle.

For Coffs though, Labor has nothing to do with this election.

We have two elections this year with an opportunity to join with a diverse range of other electorates across NSW and Australia ousting these toe-the-line party men who lounge around in the city achieving nothing for us.

We will have a number of Independent candidates running who can represent all the diverse interests of the electorate, ensure our region is given a fair go and deliver real outcomes - or at least give it a bloody good go without the lies, deceit, exorbitant election donations and party power-broker influence that have caused the democratic failures we have put up with for decades.

It's no wonder that the slogans "Anyone But the Nats” and "Put the Nats Last” are hitting the nail on the head with voters across Australia.

The LNP/Coalition relationship is fractured beyond repair leaving a National Party, in their own right, a lame-duck political party with zero-influence.

Freedom from party politics will result in a government that moves forward with proactive initiatives instead of being stalled in the petty, stagnant, directionless gridlock we currently have.

Let's use this opportunity now to create the change that's inevitable.

Have a look at the Independents who are running in March and make your choice. Be the change.

Josh Keating

Rob Oakeshott, independent candidate for Cowper in Coffs Harbour. 23 JAN 2019
Rob Oakeshott, Independent candidate for Federal seat of Cowper. TREVOR VEALE

"Independents - Friend or Foe”

IN response to "A need for more integrity in Canberra”, Roger Burke (Advocate, February 22).

In 2010, due to a hung parliament after the federal election, the Australian public waited for the decisions of three federal MP Independents to decide the fate of which political party (Labor or Liberal) would govern Australia from 2010-2013.

Rob Oakeshott along with Tony Windsor and Bob Katter were the main players in the decision, with Oakeshott and Windsor eventually siding with Labor/Greens and Katter with the Liberals.

There was plenty of criticism aimed at Oakeshott during the lengthy preamble of the 17 minutes he took to announce his decision.

It's going to be ugly, he said of the new government, but it's going to be beautiful in its ugliness. And ugly it turned out to be as the Australian public later realised.

The ramifications of three Independents deciding the political fate of all Australians was unprecedented.

Windsor stated at the time that the Independents had taken advantage of the situation.

He said that if an election were to be held tomorrow, the Coalition would probably win.

Windsor was basically supporting a party the people didn't want.

Voters should ensure they get to select the government they want and not leave it to a group of collective individuals to make the decision for them.

Helen Dwyer