See what stories got the Coffs Coast talking this week.
See what stories got the Coffs Coast talking this week.

Ugly buildings, injured dogs: what got Coffs talking

From ugly buildings to dogs on escalators, and everything in between, these stories got the Coffs Coast talking this week:

Dog 'severely injured' in escalator accident

A Gold Coast woman has claimed her dog was "severely injured" at Bunnings, after its paw got stuck in an escalator.

Lisa Sinclair shared pictures of the shocking damage to her dog Chelsea - caused by the accident at the Burleigh Waters store - to Facebook, writing that they'd never been to that particular Bunnings before.

"She was on her lead and we were on the escalator. As I stepped off I heard screaming, turned around and her paws got stuck," Ms Sinclair wrote.

Because the dog's paw became stuck in the escalator, Ms Sinclair said her pet had to undergo a partial amputation.


You said:

Yvonne Richards - So sorry for this poor dog, but what logic made this person think a dog is able to use an escalator safely!! The dog should never have been on there! Don't blame Bunnings for your own stupid mistake

Renee Anne - Her dog was injured due to her lack of judgment at a Bunnings store.. there fixed it

Paula Carey - Well that's her own fault, dogs should not have to go into Bunnings unless support dog, or in any business. Not everyone is comfortable with dogs.

A dog was injured on an escalator in a Bunnings Warehouse.
A dog was injured on an escalator in a Bunnings Warehouse.

Judy Brett - Dogs should not be allowed in stores of any type unless they are guide or assistance dogs

Margaret Mclean - Maybe Bunnings might ban dogs in their stores now. Why do people take their dogs shopping for gods sake

Freya Roche - I don't understand why so many take their dog to Bunnings or any shop really. Also see them taking their dogs to Petbarn, is he choosing his own food or bed?

Troy Ottaviani - Probably should be more careful with where they take their dog

Bradley Burns - Stupidity owners but i bet they will blame someone else for there mistake. Poor dog

Caroline Caz Abrahams - I thought Bunnings had a rule that dogs must be in the trolley?

Diane Walters - Your dog in a new location ? Your responsibility...

Colleen Ellem Simper - Yeah well why take your dog to Bunnings 🤬

Tracey Robinson - Simple, don't take your dogs to Bunnings

Noel MacMillan - Don't take dogs shopping simple,

Mick Hutchby - Leave your dog at home.

Luke Besant - Leave your dog at home!

Sam Parrish - Don't take your dog shopping.

Raewyn Chapman - You don't need to take you dog shopping unless it's a care dog.

Orlando Lane apartments currently under construction.
Orlando Lane apartments currently under construction.

Locals rush to snag a piece of major jetty development

With construction now in full swing, inquiries have been flooding in from buyers looking to snag a piece of Coffs' newest prime jetty development.

That's according to Raine & Horne licensee Christine Clarke, who has completely pre-sold the first lot of units made available of the multistorey development dubbed Orlando Lane Apartments.

"Once we released the first units there was a real flood of inquiries.

"Daily I still get emails from people saying please put us on the list."

Orlando Lane Apartments is due to be completed by the end of 2021, and will consist of two separate buildings of four and five storeys, with frontages to Orlando St and Mildura St.


You said:

Bob Palmer - Another piece of the 'jetty canyon' falling into place. We should have a good 'tourist attraction' running from Hood st to Mildura st soon

Shaun Woodhouse - Get into it build as many as possible that whole jetty strip is wasted more pubs , clubs more accommodation.

Adam Doyle - Council should hold the developers to a higher standard of design. The bar is obviously set too low.

Julie Spencer - Another eyesore to add for coffs.

Will Maione - That is one ugly building.

Tom Borg - New Coffs Jail.

Rachelle Ann Fitzhenry - Not very nice lookin

The Gowings building in the Coffs Harbour CBD.
The Gowings building in the Coffs Harbour CBD.

2021: Developments that will shape the future of Coffs

There's no denying the Coffs Coast is in the midst of a development boom.

There are several major plans in the pipeline or currently underway that will massively influence the future of our region.

As we enter into 2021, The Advocate has compiled a list of just what's to come.


You said:

Ann Leonard - Yes well....good luck with the CBD when all the new business' and old set up shop in the new offices and retail outlets at the Jetty and enterprise park when they come on stream. Probably have a similar effect as did all the other developments around town have had over the years. Good luck negotiating the narrow road network and one road in and out of this area. I fail to understand why some people come here. If this congested way of living and moving is what you hanker for there are plenty of places you would find satisfying

Not surprisingly many of the comments were specifically in relation to the Cultural and Civic Space:

Michelle Stewart - I do not understand why the professional interior designers cannot reorganise the space in the current building? Office workers are a diminishing necessity, in the very near future, most of their work could and will be done remotely. Fit for purpose is a very over worked phrase, and has no relevance to me, Council need to actually explain why it is necessary to spend the enormous amount of money on new chambers, with no government funding now either.

The latest 'reveals' of the Cultural and Civic Space show what the top floor will look like.
The latest 'reveals' of the Cultural and Civic Space show what the top floor will look like.

Marie Faw - In my opinion it has been explained over and over again. I have been interested in this project for several years and have changed my opinion a few times. From what I have read, meetings I have attended and people I have spoken to, I feel happy with the present Gordon Street project including council chambers.

Coffs Coast women's rehab centre gets the green light

With ice addiction hitting regional NSW hard, the void in women's rehab services is set to be filled - with plans now approved for a new female-only centre in Moonee Beach.

Adele House, an NGO, will demolish the current 'outdated' men's facility located at the site and construct a new one at a cost of $5 million, in order to provide the region with what it says is a desperately needed women's group home.

The Solitary Islands Way site has housed the men's centre since 2002, however Adele House recently unveiled its new $10.6-million male-only rehab centre in Bucca.

Full story here

You said

Alana Holler - Whether it helps men or women, it's welcome in my book.

Monique Sheil - Can't wait for the job opportunities.

Brigit Mackenzie - This is so needed. Well done

Jonathon Paff - Jordy Kippax, book you and Chanel Beesley in to cure your reality TV addiction.