Two injured in crash at notorious intersection

UPDATE, 10.15AM: TWO people have been treated in hospital after their vehicle was hit by a four-wheel-drive in a collision near Maclean.

According to police, the two-car crash on the corner of Cameron St and the Pacific Highway occurred about 6.10pm last night.

It is believed a white Nissan was waiting to turn right off Cameron St and onto the Pacific Hwy, when a Greyhound bus travelling north slowed and turned left towards Maclean.

The driver of the Nissan then pulled out, not seeing there was another a four-wheel-drive traveling behind the bus, and the two vehicles collided.

As a result, the driver and passenger of the Nissan were conveyed to Maclean Base Hospital with minor injuries, and the Pacific Highway was closed for a short time while the vehicles were cleared off the road.

The occupants of the four-wheel-drive were not injured.

The scene of a collision near Maclean.
The scene of a collision near Maclean. Jarrard Potter

The crash happened in the same place Maclean man Anthony Farlow was killed when his motorcycle was hit by a truck last month.

His death sparked a vigorous discussion about the turn-off, especially during dusk and dawn when the sun makes for poor visibility.

Coffs/Clarence duty officer Inspector Brendan Gorman said at 6.10pm yesterday, however, it should not have been an issue.

"It's a long open stretch of road and there's plenty of vision going either way," Insp Gorman said.

"If people take their time, and make sure it's safe to go, they should be fine to get out."

An investigation into the crash is continuing.

TUESDAY, 6.30PM: POLICE and paramedics are at the scene of a collision involving two vehicles on the Pacific Highway near Ferry Park at Maclean.

The Pacific Highway is open with traffic controls in place, but traffic is heavy in both directions.

The collision occurred just after 6pm at the intersection of the Pacific Highway and Cameron Street.

Tow-trucks are on the scene to remove the vehicles and it is believed that paramedics treated one person at the scene, and another was taken to hospital.