Tweed backs tough lockdowns to tackle coronavirus

TWEED Shire Council will not argue it should be treated any differently after the NSW Government's COVID-19 lockdown call, despite sharing a border with Queensland.

Mayor Katie Milne and general manager Troy Green applauded the move and believe it should have happened sooner.

"First up, I would like to acknowledge the moves made by respective tiers of Government to act boldly to address perhaps the greatest public health threat in our recent history," Mr Green told the Bulletin.

Tweed Shire Council general manager Troy Green.
Tweed Shire Council general manager Troy Green.

"I echo Mayor Katie Milne of Tweed Shire Council in applauding any move to have a close down, particularly of non-essential service, sooner rather than later.

"Given their experience, Italy has been encouraging the world to act sooner, quicker and more radically. Therefore Tweed Shire Council stands behind the State Government and fully supports any initiative to protect the health and wellbeing of its residents."

Mr Green said 32 per cent of Tweed's population was aged over 60 and the shire would "fully co-operate with any directive of the State Government". He forecast Queensland would soon face the same situation.

Tweed Shire Mayor Katie Milne.
Tweed Shire Mayor Katie Milne.

"From Council's perspective, we are clear on the essential services that are required by the Tweed community and are well progressed in identifying those staff that provide essential services such as water, wastewater and waste collection. Our plans are ready to ensure our staff are able to continue providing these essential services."

Mr Green was adamant "the sooner we as community adhere to the social distancing, lock ourselves down for a period, the sooner we will be able to return to some form of normality". "The more exemptions and exceptions of people not being locked down, the longer this virus will prevail. The price for not doing so, is a price too great."

Originally published as Tweed backs tough lockdowns to tackle coronavirus