HOSPITAL BIRTH: Ged, Melissa, Bonnie, 2, and Quincy Cockburn go for a check-up at Buderim Private Hospital.
HOSPITAL BIRTH: Ged, Melissa, Bonnie, 2, and Quincy Cockburn go for a check-up at Buderim Private Hospital. John McCutcheon

Trust in doctor sways family to birthing suite

MELISSA Cockburn loved the idea of homebirth but her trust in her obstetrician guided her to a hospital for the arrival of her two children.

She and husband Ged, of Buderim, welcomed daughters Bonnie, 2, and six-week-old Quincy into the world at Buderim Private Hospital and were very pleased with how everything went.

"I have found Buderim private to be a supportive birthing hospital, who didn't offer me pain relief, who weren't hell-bent on monitoring my every move or how much and fast I was progressing," Mrs Cockburn said.

"This allowed me to fully relax and birth Quincy."

She said she had to go to hospital early because she was ill before Quincy's birth.

"Even then, Ged and I were still left mostly to ourselves to allow labour to progress naturally."

She was grateful for being able to have a water birth.

"This took a lot of the pressure off my pelvic joints and allowed an optimal position.

"Buderim had these facilities ready at hand.

"A homebirth would have meant us having to hire a birthing pool and somehow getting it upstairs

"It was just something I was glad to not have to be concerned about."

Mrs Cockburn said she had already been seeing her obstetrician/ gynaecologist Dr Nerida Flannery when she fell pregnant with Bonnie.

"She had performed my procedures before and I immediately felt very comfortable around her.

"I suppose it was natural I trusted her to birth my first baby.

"To be frank; I knew nothing about pregnancy, birth or babies."

In Quincy's case, Mrs Cockburn said the fact she had been "playing peekaboo" from 28 weeks gave weight to her hospital birth decision.

"It was reassuring knowing that we were in an environment where emergency procedures were in arm's reach and didn't require us to make a hasty trip to hospital in very advanced labour or soon after birth."

She said choosing hospital births was an easy decision for her but understood how it might not be for everyone.

"If the mother felt she didn't have a supportive team then yes I believe the decision could be a difficult one, particularly when there seems to be an emphasis on what could go wrong when it comes to homebirthing."