An overturned b-double lays on its side in the middle of the Pacific Highway/Grafton St in the centre of Coffs Harbour.
An overturned b-double lays on its side in the middle of the Pacific Highway/Grafton St in the centre of Coffs Harbour. Frank Redward

Truck driver had a rest break before CBD highway smash

POLICE investigating the truck rollover in the Coffs Harbour CBD overnight do not believe fatigue was a factor.

"We know the driver had a rest break not long before the accident," Detective Inspector Darren Jameson said.

Skid marks have been seen in the vicinity of the accident on the Pacific Highway between Combine St and West High St and police are investigating if speed was a factor.

"I am aware there are some skids marks on the road but whether those skid marks are from that vehicle or another vehicle will be a subject of our enquiries."


The 43-year-old driver from Queensland was pinned by the legs following the crash for almost an hour and is now assisting police with their enquiries. He was transporting a load of building waste from Sydney to Queensland which tipped across both the south and north bound lanes when the truck rolled.

"He received some minor injuries and was taken to hospital for a precautionary medical examination and obviously blood and urine testing has been done."

Currently there are no witnesses to the crash but police are appealing for anybody travelling through town at around 11pm to come forward if they have any information to share with police.

"Particularly any dashcam footage would also be essential for our enquiries."

Officers are also attempting to access CCTV footage from any of the nearby businesses.

It's the second truck rollover in a matter of weeks after a semi-trailer rolled early last Wednesday at the England's Rd roundabout and police are urging all drivers to take greater care on our roads particularly with Coffs Harbour yet to be bypassed.

"The Pacific Highway is a tricky stretch of road and particularly with the upgrades that are going on speeds vary at different points. The message that we have is you need to be highly aware of your driving in and around the Pacific Highway particularly coming through the township of Coffs Harbour.

"We go from double carriage ways all the way up and then we hit Coffs Harbour and we're back down to 60 kilometres an hour with a couple of particularly tight corners.

"Speeding is an issue for all major accidents and the trucking industry is very mindful of the negative impacts of bad driver habits. We know drivers in trucks or cars do speed but we ask you to be mindful of speed limits and stick to those."