Mötley Crüe's Nikki Sixx described the comments as “pretty moronic
Mötley Crüe's Nikki Sixx described the comments as “pretty moronic". AAP Image - Jack Tran

Triple M pulls Kiss from library after suicide comments

TRIPLE M Radio has pulled Kiss from their library after comments the band's frontman, Gene Simmons, made about suicide and people suffering depression.

Simmons' comments come after Robin Williams took his own life this week and have prompted a severe backlash on social media and from experts.

In a recent interview with Songfacts.com, Simmons told sufferers to "f*** you, then kill yourself" before describing himself as "the guy who says 'jump' when there's a guy on top of a building"

Head of Triple M's Network, Mike Fitzpatrick,  called the comments "misguided and insensitive,"

"Depression and Suicide are not topics he should be using to further his notoriety or sell records.

"His desperation to use mental health issues to find relevancy in a modern age is sickening. I can only put it down to a brain fade on his part.

"The Triple M Network can't and won't be playing or supporting this d**khead's music.

"I put the challenge out to other stations across Australia and North America to also drop any of this nudnik's songs until such time as he reconsiders his thoughtless and insensitive position."

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