MURDER TRIAL: Rockhampton woman Chantal Barnett.
MURDER TRIAL: Rockhampton woman Chantal Barnett. Contributed

'This is where she was cut up': Trial hears from statement

CHANTAL Barnett's body was cut up and put in a barrel at the back of a Rockhampton motorbike shop, according to a statement a drug addict gave police in 2015.

Filip Grbavac took the stand in a double murder trial in the Supreme Curt in Rockhampton where Ian Robert Armstrong and Daniel George Hong have pleaded not guilty to murdering Robert Martinez and Ms Barnett.

When asked about the statement he provided police in October 2015, Mr Grbavac simply and repeatedly responded with: "I don't know. I don't remember," and "I felt pressured. I just wanted to get out of there."

The court heard Mr Grbavac claimed he travelled with Mr Hong's brother Dwayne and another drug associate to Rockhampton at some point in 2013 and were out the back of the shop when Daniel Hong asked "Did you hear about those missing people? This is where it happened. This is where she was cut up."

Mr Grbavac then claimed that Daniel Hong told him he had put her body in a barrel and that "Robbie (Martinez) f---ed off".

The court heard Mr Grbavac told the police officer he thought only Ms Barnett was killed, going by what Mr Hong had said during that conversation and was surprised when he heard Mr Martinez' remains were found.

"I thought he was talking sh--," Mr Grbavac told police in 2015.

Under cross examination by Mr Hong's defence barrister Stephen Kissick, the court heard there was a deal made by Mr Grbavac with police in lieu of the statement and written into the seven-page statement of which each page had Mr Grbavac's signature on.

He was facing drug charges in the District Court of Queensland at the time. The court heard the deal never eventuated.