A LOUD rumble penetrated Rachael Navin's sleep just seconds before she was thrown forward with her bedroom disintegrating around her.

In the seconds that followed she became aware that her partner Chris Eastwood had landed in her lap and she could not see his legs.

Ms Navin was one of seven people injured in the early hours of Sunday morning at Urunga when a B-double truck veered off the Pacifc Highway into houses, killing an 11 year-old boy.

A 38 year-old Nambucca man, the driver of a second vehicle involved in the accident, also died.

"I thought the wall had fallen on Chris's legs but then I realised we were both OK and we started screaming for Chris's son Lachlan (Compton-Bell) and his friend Kyle (Anthorp) who had been sleeping in the (now non-existent) room next to us," Ms Navin said.

"Lachlan found us which was a huge relief but then we felt the horror again because we couldn't find Kyle...then I saw him up the road and incredibly he was OK."

For Mr Eastwood the first minutes after the accident were torture as he was confronted with the gaping hole that had been his son's room, realising neither it nor his son were there.

"I could see right through the wall to where his room had been," Mr Eastwood said.

"It was only maybe a couple of minutes before Lachlan turned up but it felt like eternity."

Outside there was briefly a deathly silence before people started to arrive, lots of them.

And then the enormity of the tragedy began to unfold.

The truck had smashed through the house and into a smaller dwelling out the back behind the house next door, killing the 11 year-old son of the new owner.

"The family had just bought the house as a holiday house," Mr Eastwood said.

"The father and son had only come up a couple of days ago to start doing it up - it's just so awful."

Having grown up just over the road Ms Navin said she knew immediately what had happened.

"I've grown up with the noise of the trucks but now every time I hear a truck I freak out.

"I'm just so glad I have my family here with me."