FEDERAL FOCUS: Dr Sally Townley is throwing her hat in the ring for Cowper.
FEDERAL FOCUS: Dr Sally Townley is throwing her hat in the ring for Cowper. Trevor Veale

Townley to 'renew the future'

COFFS Harbour City councillor Dr Sally Townley has signalled her intention to run for the federal seat of Cowper.

Dr Townley will run as a Greens candidate and launch her campaign on Sunday at the Harbourside Markets at 11am with the support of Greens MLC Dr Mehreen Faruqi, who will join the Australian Senate later this month.

The focus of Dr Townley's campaign is a call to "renew the future".


Cr Sally Townley election announcement: Cr Sally Townley announces intension to run in Federal Seat of Cowper

Key platforms include accelerating the transition to renewable energy sources, sustainable jobs and more support for health and health workers in regional areas.

"The transition to renewable energy has positive implications for all Australians - it will create sustainable jobs, reduce carbon emissions, reduce electricity prices and reduce the potential impacts of climate change, which is of particular importance for coastal towns," she said.

"Large and small-scale energy enterprises are a key part of our vision for the future."

Dr Townley was compelled to run after witnessing years of what she calls an increasing lack of representation.

"I think now the connection between the National Party and the interests of rural and regional people is just no longer there any more," she said.

She also named water security as a critical issue.

"We are seeing drought-impacted areas across NSW at present, yet there is little or no accountability for water extraction at either state or federal level," she said.

"Unmetered water extraction and the impact of benefits conferred on industrial agricultural enterprises compromises the water security of everyone.

"We are seeing this at a local level, where our catchment health is already being compromised by rapid growth of intensive horticulture."