Tourists called out for harvesting molluscs by the esky load

THUMBS DOWN: TO the Asian people raiding the coastlines of molluscs. I have caught at least 50 over the last week and it's bullshit. They know they're doing the wrong thing as they try to pack up ASAP and hide it all when you sneak up on them.

Johno Jones


Reply on Facebook: Totally agree. They took eskies full last year at Woopi, also a lot don't have fishing licences. 

Dianne Weeks


Reply on Facebook: If someone is illegally fishing you can call Fisheries. They will get onto it ASAP. This is the best method. Cassie Cameron


THUMBS UP: THANK you to the gentleman collecting rubbish from the creek walk to stop it going into the creek even through it fills your home bin.


THUMBS DOWN: TO removing the five public bins from the historic cemetery at the end North Street, the two bins from Harbour drive at the end of North and Glenreagh Streets and the bins from out the front of the TAFE in Glenreagh Street. People who cleaned up the Creek Walk and Harbour Drive used these bins to save carrying the rubbish home. 

Alice Baker, Coffs Harbour


THUMBS UP: TO all the amazing people on checkouts for having to put up with the sooks complaining about having to pay for bags when they don't bring them.

Bec Graham


Reply on Facebook: You're not wrong. So many whingers.

Trish Welsh


THUMBS UP: TO all the lovely receptionists at Toormina Medical Centre, always friendly, always helpful and always ready to greet you with a lovely smile.

Melanie Farr


THUMBS UP: THANK you Melanie Farr. Nice for our team to receive some nice recognition.

Leanne Ward


THUMBS UP: TO shop 36 West High street for the best and cheapest hamburgers. Beautiful tasty and fresh.

Melissa Delaney


Reply on Facebook: Best burgers anywhere.

Evelyn Herber


Reply on Facebook: Must check it out. Thanks for the tip.

Wayne H. Halliday


THUMBS UP: TO the staff at RMS, I went last Tuesday to renew my licence, being disabled I found all the staff were very helpful to me which I appreciated. You all have a lovely happy personality as well. I was pleasantly surprised with how easy it was to obtain a new disability permit that I had mislaid, nothing was too much trouble. Congrats RMS you have great staff.

Jilly Crilly


Reply on Facebook: Here here. Great staff doing a great job.

Nicole McIrish


THUMBS UP: TO Beau Cubis at B&N Mechanical. Car broken down in my garage with no roadside, called Beau he came around and got me back on the road not a problem. Great service and price thanks again.

Sharon Hickson


THUMBS UP: TO emergency services on being so caring to the lady in the market street accident. Also to Nathan Whitlock from Niche Construction who's house got hit. His main priority was that no one was hurt legendary.

Sean Mullan


THUMBS UP: TO Virgin for dealing with all the people complaining about there delayed or cancelled flights due to Sydney weather.

There were 61 flights cancelled into and out of Sydney yesterday due to one runway.

Kristy Lee


THUMBS DOWN: TO the person who would've found my mobile phone at Bunnings and didn't hand it in or phone my landline that was on the inside cover. I searched on Find My Phone app so I know where it is ~ a complex with 20 villas and townhouses but unfortunately the app doesn't give a villa no.

Trish Welsh


THUMBS UP: TO the SCU Marlins women's team for finish third in the MNC rugby 7s competition they have made the finals for the first time great job girls.

Josh Ives


THUMBS UP: TO the young lady from Jay Car with advice that was very helpful and knowledgeable in helping me with the items I needed.

Simon Pavich


THUMBS UP: TO all the friendly people in Coffs. Feeling very welcome and glad to be back on NSW soil.

Nat Goulden


THUMBS UP: TO Grant at Baristas Bar at Sawtell Headland for great coffee and building community spirit.

Keith Bensley


THUMBS UP: TO Hickey's Garage Urunga always service with a smile. Thanks boys.

Jo Ford


THUMBS DOWN: TO the job done on Diggers carpark.

Amber Hammer


THUMBS UP: TO the outdoor council staff doing a great job on Diamond Head Dr.

Keith Pledger


THUMBS DOWN: TO the Federal Government's continuing policy of supporting coal powered electricity stations.

Our nation ranks 110th in the world for renewables development and energy efficiency.

If countries like Iceland, Sweden, Costa Rica, Nicaragua and Scotland can lead the way in renewable energy use, why can't we? This country has an abundance of renewable energy sources, the sun, wind and waves but apparently we don't have the will nor the "brains" to harness them.

Lynette F Hyde