Carmen Atkinson is competing at Ultraman Australia.
Carmen Atkinson is competing at Ultraman Australia. Iain Curry

Tough birds of a feather at Ultraman Australia

WHEN it comes to tough, they don't come more brutal than Ultraman.

The three-day triathlon, which encompasses 515km of racing with 10km swim, 421km bike and 84km run legs, starts at Noosa today.

Providing support every inch of the way is Isuzu Ute.

"Ultraman is regarded as the pinnacle and the toughest of tri-sports in Australia. When we heard about this event happening in our backyard we just had to get involved,” PR and sponsorship manager Mark Harman said.

"Ultraman Australia in essence stands for everything that we believe in as a brand, and aligns with our tough image and product that also goes the distance.”

Providing support throughout the three days will be a herd of Isuzus, including the D-Max crew cab and a dual cab, as well as two MU-X SUVs.

This year there are three Sunshine Coast locals participating - Carmen Atkinson, Julienne Drysdale and Chloe Kay.

Race director Tony Horton said the event was capped on an invitation-only basis and attracted participants from around the world.

Each athlete must be accompanied by an individual support team of at least two people over the entire course.

"The first Ultraman Australia was held in 2015, with the goal of staging an event which focused on the guiding principles of Hawaiian culture: aloha (love), ohana (family) and kokua (help),” Horton said.

This year, 48 athletes from 11 countries will come together to participate in Ultraman Australia 2018. The field includes participants from Brazil, Canada, Germany, Great Britain, India, New Zealand, Pakistan, Singapore, Thailand and the US.