A woman who suffered horrendous torture over three weeks says her attacker’s flatmate put his mate before her life in failing to help her.
A woman who suffered horrendous torture over three weeks says her attacker’s flatmate put his mate before her life in failing to help her.

Torture victim slams flatmate’s inaction as ‘selfish’

A WOMAN who was sadistically tortured and assaulted over more than three weeks has accused her attacker's flatmate of putting his mate before her life.

The woman was speaking during the sentence of Jeromy Lee Harris, who had pleaded guilty to being an accessory after the fact to grievous bodily and three counts of supplying dangerous drugs.

Jeromy Lee Harris.
Jeromy Lee Harris.

The young woman suffered a three-week ordeal of violence by Harris' flatmate, Nicholas John Crilley, in June 2017 at a Bulimba unit owned by Harris and at Spring Hill.

Crilley, who viciously assaulted the woman, burned her body with acetone and boiling water and repeatedly raped her, was jailed for life earlier this year for torturing the woman.

Harris, 45, a former professional soccer player and financial services businessman, was not charged with inflicting the woman's injuries.

He admitted to supplying Crilley with the drug Xanax.

Nicholas John Crilley.
Nicholas John Crilley.

Crown prosecutor Sandra Cupina told Brisbane District Court Harris covered up for Crilley and she alleged he supplied Xanax to sedate the woman and help Crilley keep her quiet.

Ms Cupina alleged Harris was fully aware of the extent of the woman's injuries, but Harris's defence counsel, Tony Glynn, has challenged that.

The court heard Harris texted a veterinary nurse about the woman's injuries and sent a photo of her, showing "a gaping wound seriously infected, with burn marks around it".

In a text message he allegedly said: "it has a bad odour when brown stuff comes out".

The court heard Harris also complained to a friend that his house smelled of rotting flesh.

Jeromy Lee Harris.
Jeromy Lee Harris.

Ms Cupina said Harris, whose bedroom was upstairs in the Bulimba apartment, must have heard some of the violence being inflicted on the woman in a downstairs room.

The victim told the court there were many times that something could have been done by Harris making an anonymous tip to emergency services.

"But the selfish mindset of your own interest and drug use came before my life," she said, reading a statement to the court.

The woman said when she was removed from the Bulimba townhouse during a real estate inspection, for which Harris cleaned up, it was a prime time to alert someone about what Crilley was doing.

Nicholas John Crilley.
Nicholas John Crilley.

"But nothing was more important than helping out your friend ... again putting my life behind the priority of a friendship," the woman said.

She said Harris also could have helped or got her medical attention sooner.

"Alongside all the opportunities there were to help me there was no attempt after I was found to help police or, in the situation I didn't make it, bring Crilley to justice for what he had done," the woman said.

"Many things were done to cover up what had happened. This reinforces the fact that both of you were more self serving and careless of life than anyone I have ever met."

The woman spoke of her survival.

"Regardless of my injuries and how long I have had to endure such acts of violence and depravity, I did make it, with no one's help but my own determination to live," she said.

The sentence hearing is continuing.

Originally published as Torture victim slams flatmate's inaction as 'selfish'